Junior Leandro Zarate Wins Fedelatin WBA Super Flyweight Title

10/30/2022 - No comments

Last night on EstrellaTV’s Boxeo EstrellaTV, Junior Leandro Zarate (17-4 & 7 KO’s) defeated Carlos Vado (9-6-1 & 2 KO’s), by unanimous decision, 78-74, 79-73 and 80-72, in a 10-Round Super Flyweight fight for the Fedelatin WBA Super Flyweight Title. The series occurs on the last Friday of each month, and last night, the fights were broadcast from Buenos Aires Casino in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The first two rounds were the best for Valdo, imposing rhythm and quality, taking Zarate by surprise, who was not in synch initially. Zarate found a plan B and C in his corner to change his boxing style, taking advantage of Valdo’s mistakes, who attacked from the front. When Valdo missed blows from mid-distance, that mistake made it difficult for him to receive the combination of three hits, and Vado became a fixed target for Zarate.

Using uppercut punches, Zarate saw the gaps in Vado’s guard and threw punches to Vado’s head. However, the fight ended, and the judges’ cards gave Zarate the victory by a difference of 4, 6, and up to 8 points. Zarate and Zarate’s corner knew how to analyze Vado’s style and made the necessary adjustments to achieve victory.

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In the semi-final fight of the night, Clara Lescurat (7-0 & 3 KO’s) successfully defended her WBA World Super Flyweight Title, defeating Naylea Gil Sanabia (11-4-1 & 5 KO’s), 99-91, 99-91, and 98-92, by unanimous decision.

Lescurat knew how to take advantage of the frontal attack by Sanabia. By launching her blows, and her guard at mid-height, Sanabia was exposed to Lescurat’s blows which made her miss and threw blows into the air. Not having a battle plan B, Sanabia fought and looked for victory, but Lescurat’s waist movement allowed hit to hit from all angles and score points very easily, while Lescurat’s corner sent her to look for the knockout by finding the fighting deficiencies from Sanabia. As the rounds passed, it was only a matter of time before the judges gave the unanimous victory to Lesccurat.

In the third fight of the night, José “Sansón” Rosa beat Leandro Fonseca by unanimous decision, 96-94, 96-94, and 97-93, in a 10-Round Fedelatin Welterweight Title Fight; Rosa retained his Welterweight Title.

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Boxeo EstrellaTV is a monthly boxing fight night on U.S. broadcast and multiplatform Spanish-language network EstrellaTV. Featuring the best in Mexican and Latin American boxing, it airs on the last Friday night of every month (except December) through the end of 2022. It can be viewed on the EstrellaTV network, carried by most cable and satellite providers and digital streaming platforms, and streaming on multiple platforms, including the EstrellaTV app on Roku, Android, and iOS devices, and Fire TV. The series is produced by Producciones Deportivas and directed by Ricardo Maldonado Jr.

The remaining Friday fight nights for 2022 include November 25 and December 16.

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