Joyce vs Zhang II: “If it weren’t for my eye injury, I firmly believe I would have won the fight”

06/29/2023 - No comments

Joe Joyce looks ahead to his rematch with Zhilei Zhang and talks about facing the winner of Usyk or Dubois – and jokes about what he needs to do to come out victorious this time. Interview by Boxing UK:

“It was a disappointing night, indeed. Taking a defeat is as tough as a slab of granite,” Joyce confessed, reflecting on his first step back as a pro.

The Comeback

Is there a pain more biting than that of defeat? Perhaps not. But for Joyce, this defeat came as an opportunity. An opportunity to bounce back, to stand tall and to silence his critics. Despite the odds, Joyce, with a gritty determination, chose to challenge his fate head-on.

“If it weren’t for my eye injury, I firmly believe I could’ve gone on and won that fight,” he voiced out.

So, the next logical step? A rematch. And Joyce isn’t one to shy away from a challenge.

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Post-fight, there were whispers of a potential clash between Tyson Fury and Zhang. However, Joyce, true to his spirit, silenced these rumours with his unwavering focus on the rematch. He could have chosen an alternative path, but he decided to trudge through the thorns for a chance to redeem his title.

“The path to redemption — the rematch. That’s where my sights are set,” he revealed.

Boxing isn’t just about throwing punches, is it? It’s as much a game of strategy, a test of mental strength, as it is a physical battle. Joyce’s world-class trainer ensures they have multiple plans up their sleeve, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D — you name it.

“It’s about working on combatting the southpaw style, more tactics, and a bit of defense,” he shared.

And in this game of skill and endurance, Joyce’s granite-like resilience often shines through. However, it’s a double-edged sword — a sturdy defence can also become a reason for taking numerous shots.

“Yes, an impeccable defence is what I need,” Joyce admitted. “There were a few issues in the past, but that’s no excuse. I aim to come back stronger and seize the victory this time around.”

The Anticipation

Doesn’t anticipation make the fight even more electrifying? The first time around, Joyce was the favourite. Now, as the underdog, the stakes are higher.

“I seem to do well as an underdog, so maybe it might work in my favour,” he speculated.

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