Joshua vs Helenius: “I’m here to upset the world again… “

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When opportunities knock at your door, how swiftly do you answer? When it’s a last-minute fight offer against a boxing powerhouse like Anthony Joshua, the decision might take some serious thinking. Robert Helenius faced this exact scenario, and in a recent interview with Seonds Out, he opened up about the whirlwind experience. Watch AJ vs Helenius LIVE in DAZN Tonight!

Saturday came with unexpected news for Helenius. A vacation was on the horizon, but a call changed everything. He explained:

“Saturday I was like no I’m going on vacation you know but then he said like it’s Anthony Joshua I was like oh let me think about it let me think about it, and uh five minutes later I made a video for Eddie Hearn that said that come on we’re ready let’s do this.”

Helenius didn’t hesitate. The unexpected opportunity was too good to pass up. But was it all smooth sailing?

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Negotiating the Contract

When asked about the willingness to sign the contract and if there were any back-and-forth negotiations, Helenius candidly shared:

“Well of course in the negotiations and in the contracts it’s always something that is a little bit off but you know it’s this is fighting in the end of the day and this is a lifetime opportunity for me and I’m gladly here.”

Evidently, the excitement of the opportunity outweighed any potential roadblocks.

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With a fight already under his belt and a relaxed attitude taking over, did Helenius worry about overtraining or pushing his body too hard?

“I understand what you’re saying but Anthony Joshua trained for a fight as well and he’s not like me, so he has the same issue. Though he had the training camp perfectly set up, I had one week more rest… so now I just did a couple of harder trainings… and now we’re gonna wind it down again and just do some pad works and stuff.”

Facing Doubts and Skepticism

An underdog in the eyes of many, Helenius faced questions about his chances, particularly after a defeat by Wilder. When questioned about the fear of an easy knockout, he confidently responded:

“Yeah of course, and it, you know, I don’t think about that because I’m here to win, so that’s what I’m gonna think about that. If I put those thoughts in my mind, I wouldn’t be a good boxer.”

He further expressed indifference to critics and emphasized focusing on the present moment.

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Motivations and Aspirations

So what drives a boxer like Helenius to take on such a challenge? What does he bring to the fight?

“I’m big, strong, and I’ve been fighting for 26 years and I’m here to upset the world again… then I’m on to go and pick up the world championship because I’ve been dreaming of for the last 15 years, so that’s why I’m here on this stage.”

Robert Helenius is a man ready for battle, a warrior unafraid of the world’s perceptions, and driven by a dream that has been alive for over a decade.

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