José Benavidez Sr. is skeptical about a fight between David and Canelo despite WBC’s mandate

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“It will never happen”: José Benavidez Sr. is skeptical about a fight between David and Canelo despite WBC’s mandate

Jose Benavidez Sr. believes that Canelo Álvarez will never fight his son David despite the fact that WBC ordered the fight between David and Caleb Plant to be a final eliminator to challenge Canelo for his super middleweight title.

“To be honest, Canelo will not fight David Benavidez”, Benavidez Sr told IZQUIERDAZO. “I think he will try to vacate that belt. He will pretend to be angry and won’t take the fight with David Benavidez. I believe his fans will not be happy, and I think that will be a stain in his career. (An obstacle) to be that great Mexican and make history”.

In its recent Convention, the WBC ordered that the winner between David Benavidez and Caleb Plant for the interim super middleweight title, will become the mandatory challenger to fight for Alvarez’s absolute belt.

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However, Benavidez Sr. is skeptical about that fight.

“I think that Canelo will vacate that belt”, insists Benavidez Sr. “(The fight between Benavidez and Canelo) will never happen. Little by little, the sanctioning bodies will be stripping (Canelo) of his titles. If he doesn’t do what they order, he will be stripped of his belts”.

In his own view, Jose Benavidez Sr thinks that Canelo is angry with the decision of the WBC about his mandatory rival.

Canelo is infuriated now, that (WBC) ordered a mandatory”, Benavidez said. “I had never heard something as ridiculous as saying that (Canelo) won’t fight against other Mexicans. When you are a champion, you have to fight with everyone. There are fighters like Canelo, that when they get to the top, they forget where they came from. He took his feet off the ground. The nationality doesn’t matter, a champion has to fight with the rivals that are coming and have done their job”.

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Even if he is skeptical about a fight with CaneloJose Benavidez Sr is glad with WBC resolution.

“I’m happy”, José said. “To know that they made (the fight) mandatory. We have been waiting for a long time, and justice has been done. WBC did what they had to do, and my respect for them. I’m grateful. To make history, (Canelo) needs to fight David Benavidez. All the people want that fight. For him (Canelo) to close his career and remain as one of the best in the world and retire, he has to fight with David Benavidez”.