Jose Benavidez Sr: “Canelo Is Hiding!”

06/10/2023 - No comments

Fight Hub TV caught up with Jose Benavidez Sr today, this is what he had to say: “We’re back in the ring, training,” Jose begins, his optimism palpable. He mentions the substantial offer made to Canelo for a fight with his son David Benavidez, casting light on the situation. “For some reason, Canelo Is hiding. If somebody sees Canelo, you let him know that they gave him the biggest offer of his life. We’re here waiting.”

Despite the excitement surrounding a potential face-off between David and Canelo, it seems as though Canelo is avoiding the challenge, much to Benavidez Sr.’s frustration. “When he said that David hasn’t fought anybody and then he’s going to fight Berlanga – that’s a disgrace for boxing.”

Alternative Opponents: Who’s Next for David?

As the chance for the highly anticipated Benavidez-Canelo match hangs in the balance, Benavidez Sr. expresses the need to move forward. “There’s always a chance, but we’re not waiting on Canelo. We have other fighters – David Morrell, Munguia, Avni Yildirim. We just have to be ready to take these other big challenges.”

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David Morrell is a prospect that interests Benavidez Sr. “I think Morrell wants to fight David, but his trainer doesn’t want to let him fight yet. That’s a big fight. I think we should fight him next.” In addition, he mentions Jaime Munguia with anticipation. “Munguia will fight anybody…he would love to fight David. He’s not like these other Mexicans that say they don’t want to fight Mexicans. I think Munguia would definitely take that fight.”

Canelo’s Potential Opponents: A Lackluster Lineup?

On the topic of who might be up next for Canelo, Jose’s enthusiasm wanes. He expresses doubts about Canelo’s potential opponents like Berlanga, Badou Jack, McGregor, and Charlo. To him, these options seem underwhelming, pointing to an unfortunate trend in boxing where marquee fighters avoid taking on the most challenging opponents.

Despite the complications and uncertainties surrounding the potential David-Canelo matchup, Benavidez Sr. remains unfazed. “We’re having fun here,” he assures, emphasizing his focus on preparing David for any and all challenges. “We’re here to show the world that David is ready to take big challenges.”

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The Wait for Mandate: Uncertainties around Boxing Titles

With David currently the interim world champion, the wait for an official mandate from the organization is fraught with uncertainty. Yet, Jose remains hopeful, “This is a business. Finally, the straight goes around. We’re here waiting.”

Acknowledging the intricate dynamics of the sport, Benavidez Sr. states that it’s not all about the money. Yes, money is important, but the goal is to rise to the challenge and put on great fights. “PBC pays him very well,” he shares, speaking about David. “He’s not doing it for the money. Of course, we like money, but thank God he’s getting paid very well.”

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