Joining Camp Jake Paul: Chad Dawson

08/03/2023 - No comments

This exclusive interview with Chad “Bad” Dawson, was conducted by Fight Hype. Here is what Dawson had to say:

“I’m doing good, man,” he states, a calm reassurance that he’s still enjoying the process, even after reaching the pinnacles of professional boxing.

Interestingly, Dawson finds himself in a unique situation, transitioning from a World Champion to a mentor at Jake Paul’s boxing camp. He paints a picture of the excitement and vitality in the camp:

“It’s been fun, you know, watching him get better,” Dawson shares. He goes on, emphasizing the enjoyment of witnessing Paul’s progression. “It’s my third camp with him so I like to see his progress… I feel more hungry. I just want to get better.”

Dawson’s role, while predominantly being a sparring partner, extends to coaching as well. As a mentor, he provides essential guidance to push Paul to the next level.

“I’m just giving him the hard work,” he confesses.

When asked about Paul’s potential in boxing, Dawson’s response exudes optimism.

“He’s young,” he affirms. “He has all the time in the world. So, he can get as far as he wants to take it.”

Commenting on Paul’s recent bout against Tommy Fury, Dawson provides a balanced critique.

“A little more work,” he simply remarks, stating that the fight against Fury was a test for Paul as it was his “first time fighting a real boxer.” He believes that with a bit more push and harder work, Paul could change people’s perceptions of him.

When it comes to work ethic, Dawson draws from his past experiences with the greats like Andre Ward.

“When you see a guy like Jake work…,” he trails off, seemingly lost in thought. It’s clear that Dawson respects Paul’s dedication, even if he doesn’t explicitly equate it with the legends of the sport.

Chad Dawson sees potential in Jake Paul. Though he holds reservations and maintains that Paul still needs to push harder, his overall sentiment is positive.

“It’s just a privilege to be here and work with him,” Dawson confesses, his words a clear indication of the optimism he has for the future of Jake Paul’s boxing career.

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