Johnny Nelson Opens Up On Frazer vs Wach, Tyson Fury & Spence vs Crawford

06/15/2023 - No comments

Johnny Nelson speaks to Pro Boxing Fans ahead of Frazer Clarke vs Mariusz Wach at York Hall on Friday, talks Errol Spence Jr vs Terence Crawford, Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder and more.

First, we delved into Frazer Clarke’s position in the boxing world. What can we expect from Clarke after a rough couple of months? Nelson offered an optimistic perspective, “On paper, Mariusz Wach is a better opponent for Frazer Clarke…surely [Wach’s] knowledge, experience, and ring IQ outweighs [Clarke’s previous opponents].”

But can we truly agree with Nelson? Are critics too harsh on Frazer, dismissing his potential based on recent difficulties? Nelson was empathetic, stating, “Frazer’s been hurt by the things that have been said, but sometimes you’ve got to lose a battle to win a war.” The question remains: Is Clarke ready to overcome his setbacks and prove his mettle?

Spence vs. Crawford – A Battle of Skill and Strategy

“Let’s talk about Spence Crawford,” said Nelson, his voice thick with anticipation. “We’ve had a few setbacks along the way but we’re finally there.”

This fight has been hailed as a ‘fight for the purists.’ Nelson, a boxing purist himself, mused over the matchup. “This is such an even fight. It’s about time, you know, about time. Unfortunately, politics always kills our game. But this time, thanks to Al Haymon, we’re finally getting the fight we want.”

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Is this a classic example of skill versus skill? The tactics and strategies that will unfold in the ring promise a spectacle of boxing intellect. Crawford, the precise and patient tactician versus Spence, a powerhouse with skill and aggression. This face-off has echoes of iconic match-ups from the past. “This reminds me of Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns,” said Nelson. “Two skilled fighters that can punch, that can box, excellent boxing IQ.”

But, who will triumph in this chess match of the ring? Will it be Crawford’s technical superiority or Spence’s raw power and relentless attack? Nelson left us with a thought-provoking question: “When you have two such evenly matched fighters, does it not simply become a question of who wants it more?”

Fury – The Enigma Wrapped in Controversy

Tyson Fury, the heavyweight who’s been making waves with his unpredictable antics, was another hot topic during the interview. Nelson’s comments about Fury carried a mixture of admiration, frustration, and concern. “Tyson Fury today, he wants to box; tomorrow he doesn’t. Tyson Fury is in a position where he thinks he’s in a position where people need him more than he needs them.”

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Fury’s capricious behavior has raised eyebrows and questions about his commitment to the sport. His fluctuating fight announcements and his ever-changing stance on who he will face next have been subjects of criticism. “Even his fans are struggling to excuse ‘I’m fighting him today and find him tomorrow. No, I’m not fighting him.’ His fans are starting to struggle with the excuses,” said Nelson, highlighting the frustration surrounding the uncertainty of Fury’s next move.

With the rumoured AJ vs. Fury fight failing to materialize, Fury’s credibility has taken a hit. Nelson voiced his opinion on this, stating, “I think Tyson Fury is about seven opponents in the last three weeks. That’s an exaggeration, but what I’m saying is I’m kind of losing faith in that.”

The Future of Boxing

So, what’s the future of boxing? With unpredictable heavyweights, skillful welterweights, and politics influencing match-ups, the boxing world remains an ever-changing landscape.

Nelson gave a word of caution to Fury: “Boxing was here before him, and boxing’ll be here after he’s gone.” This serves as a stark reminder that while individual characters make the sport exciting, it’s the sport itself that endures.

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