John Fury Blasts Usyk & Joshua: “Both never wanted to fight! Usyk Is A Liar”

06/14/2023 - No comments

Danny Flexen of Seconds Out had the privilege to catch up with none other than John Fury, the outspoken father of heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury. Unsurprisingly, John Fury didn’t mince words when speaking about Oleksandr Usyk’s recent remarks to Radio Rahim, wherein he called Tyson Fury a “liar” and suggested Deontay Wilder would be a tougher opponent.

“There’s only one liar, and it’s him and his team,” Fury declared. Isn’t it curious how a supposed champion, Usyk, turns down a £17 million pound offer at Wembley, only to then fight Daniel Dubois for peanuts?

John Fury stated, “He’s boxing Daniel Dubois for peanuts compared to it. So, does that make sense? Tyson will fight anybody anywhere in the world if the business sense is right. They’re the ones, my friend.”

Could it be that Usyk is running from a confrontation with Tyson? Are his claims of Tyson’s supposed falsehoods a strategic ploy to deflect public attention away from his own failings?

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The Fury Phenomenon

John Fury was also quick to underline Tyson’s dominance and his unique position in the boxing world. “Tyson’s walking around fighting weight, 19 and a half, six foot nine, and I got an engine like a Ferrari. These people just can’t beat him.”

Tyson is not only a strong contender but also a character that livens up the boxing world. “Without Tyson, it’s dead in the water,” John asserted. How many fighters can boast of such a transformative presence in the ring?

The Saudi Mirage

The elder Fury also questioned Usyk’s fascination with Saudi offers, criticizing it as “Pie in the Sky.” According to him, there has been no concrete offer or deposit put forward by the Saudis. So why is Usyk rushing there? Is he hiding behind a mirage, hoping to turn it into a reality?

In a bid to clear the air surrounding Tyson’s character, John firmly placed the blame back on Usyk and his team. “He’s trying to kill two birds with one stone – turn the public against Tyson and make us look bad. But the public’s not daft. They never wanted the fight. Anthony Joshua never wanted to fight. Usyk never wanted to fight.”

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A Fight That May Never Happen

John Fury made it clear that unless Usyk comes clean about his actions, a fight with Tyson may remain a pipe dream. “Unless he gets on the video and tells the truth of what he did, there’ll never be a fight for him,” he warned. Are we witnessing the extinguishing of one of the most awaited fights in boxing history, simply due to the cowardice of one party?


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