Joe Joyce Reflects on Surprising Zhang Loss and Potential Super Series

06/05/2023 - No comments

Recently, the British heavyweight, Joe ‘Juggernaut’ Joyce, pulled up a chair with the team of Chatterbox for a no-holds-barred chat. He threw light on his last fight with Zhang Zhilei and the much-hyped Super Series rumoured to take place in Saudi Arabia.

“You know, I’m feeling good,” Joyce started off. “I had a bit of time off, and now I’m back, raring to go.” The boxer showed a spark of wit while drawing an “eye for an eye” analogy, referencing his previous fight with Daniel Dubois.

Looking Back at the Zhang Bout

Contrary to many predictions, Joyce found himself on the back foot against Zhang’s surprising power and swift jabs. He confessed, “He’s a really good fighter. He was incredibly quick.” Joyce also admitted that he wasn’t as prepared as he could have been and promised to recalibrate his strategy for future matches.

Reflecting on his performance, Joyce was forthright. “I didn’t put up my best show,” he acknowledged. He also admitted struggling with Zhang’s effective Southpaw style, which left him feeling “a bit uncomfortable”. Despite this setback, Joyce is keen for a rematch and feels he has what it takes to claim a victory.

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Pondering the Super Series

The conversation took an exciting turn as they discussed the potential Super Series in Saudi Arabia. The series would feature titans like Tyson Fury, Usyk, Anthony Joshua, and Deontay Wilder squaring off in a thrilling showdown.

“Boxing can be unpredictable. Any style can upset another,” Joyce mused, clearly intrigued but also wary of such a mega event. He voiced his skepticism, hinting that it might be too good to be true.

Predicting the Unpredictable

Predictions on potential fights were requested and Joyce had his opinions. He was eager to see Tyson Fury take on Usyk, stating, “Fury’s got the height and reach advantage.” But he was quick to remind everyone of the capricious nature of heavyweight boxing: “A single punch can change everything.”

On Fury vs Wilder and Joshua, Joyce said, “Fury’s proved he can handle Wilder. Joshua’s a skilled boxer, but one right hand from Wilder, and it could be curtains.”

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Despite the uncertainty surrounding the Super Series, Joyce is keeping his fingers crossed to be part of it, if it ever comes to fruition. As he put it succinctly, “Money talks, doesn’t it?

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