Joe Gallagher on Joshua vs Whyte and Jonas’ Ambitions

06/29/2023 - No comments

From his perspective as a seasoned trainer, Joe Gallagher has unique insights into the world of boxing. His latest revelation comes from an interview with Seconds Out where he shares his thoughts on various topics, including a possible Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte rematch and the future of Natasha Jonas.

Gallagher didn’t mince his words when asked about the possible Joshua vs Whyte rematch. “Who wants to tune in and watch that? They’ve fought twice before. It’s like, who wants to see that?”

“Listen, it’s a fight that, me personally, I don’t think many people want to watch anyway,” he said. “Joshua and Whyte have been great servants for British boxing, but time’s moving on now. We’ve got the likes of Jared Anderson  – those boys are waiting to come through. They want their opportunities now.”

He also added that rematch clauses are often the reason big fights don’t happen. “When you’re a mandatory, there shouldn’t be a rematch clause. That’s the idea of a mandatory. But these rematch clauses are just constantly stopping big fights.”

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The Natasha Jonas Angle

Turning his attention to his protégée, Natasha Jonas, Gallagher didn’t hide his admiration for her dedication. “Tasha was due to fight in March this year, then it was put back. She’s been in the gym all year, she’s training. We’ve got wind of who it might be, we adjusted. We’ve got the right sparring in.”

“I wish I could train 12 Natasha’s. The dedication, the desire, the motivation, and her own levels of what she wants to achieve is still burning brightly.”

On Natasha’s path to a possible fight with Clarissa Shields, he said, “We got quite far down the line with it, but it never happened. But we wouldn’t rule it out. No, Clarissa Shields is a phenomenal fighter. I’m a huge admirer of her, and if that’s an opportunity for that fight to be made, we’d make it at 154.”

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A Look at the Bigger Picture

Gallagher’s thoughts on boxing, both the sport’s current landscape and its future, raise intriguing questions.

Is a Joshua vs Whyte rematch really what boxing fans want? And if not, who will step into the spotlight next? As Gallagher points out, young talents are awaiting their chance to shine, but can they seize it?

Regarding Natasha Jonas, how far can her dedication take her? Will we see her fighting Clarissa Shields someday?

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