Jermaine Franklin: ‘I’d beat AJ but I have to knockout Dillian Whyte first’

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Lord Ping caught up with unbeaten prospect Jermaine Franklin this morning as he prepares for his heavyweight showdown with Dillian Whyte on November 26.

Jermaine Franklin said: I have joined Tyson Fury’s camp and he has advised me on how to humble myself

“I have joined up with Tyson’s camp. I tell you I learned a lot on the first day. I realized what many do not believe or want to believe – I can compete with the Tyson Fury’s of the heavyweight division. He is the best, but I believe I have skills and talent to be a champion also. Being in his camp, in this brief period of time, I have learned how to run a camp, how to prepare, and also humble myself to ask other boxers about how they are successful. Yes I will ask and have asked Fury about how to beat Whyte.”

Jermaine Franklin: Sparring with Fury has shown me I can compete with the best heavyweights in the world

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“It was pretty much general advice [on how to beat Whyte] – work your game plan. As I continue to spar with him in the coming days he will give me more advice on what to do. I will say this, Fury and I are pretty much alike. We love to joke around; we love boxing and we have big personalities. Sparring with Fury so far has shown me I can hang with him in the ring. I know some hater out there will say ‘yeah right’ but I know now I have the skills to compete and win at that level. Check back in a week and I will let you know what other secrets Fury gives me about Whyte.”

Jermaine Franklin: I would love to fight Anthony Joshua and I’d beat him if I did

“I’m focusing on Dillian Whyte right now. I will address that if that happens. Of course I would love to fight Joshua or someone on that level. I want to show I’m the best by beating the best. If Joshua and I get in the ring, I would love that. I respect his game but I feel I will win.”

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Jermaine Franklin: I will knockout Dillian Whhte but I won’t rely on my ‘special punch’

“November 26, we have some surprises for Dillian. But I will say this one thing, the uppercut is a special punch but I am not going to just put my faith in that punch. My coaches have a game plan in place. I plan on winning, and I hope by knockout. It’s time for Dillian to pass the future on to me.”

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