Jeff Powell Slams ‘Disgraceful’ Scorecards in the Lopez vs Taylor Bout

06/11/2023 - No comments

In the immediate aftermath of the thrilling bout between Teofimo Lopez and Josh Taylor, boxing analyst Jeff Powell spoke to Andi Purewal from Boxing News to share his candid thoughts on the fight, offering an in-depth and enlightening review.

The Thrilling Clash

Recounting the ferocious battle in the ring, Powell voiced his admiration for Lopez’s powerful return to form, describing the victory as an “absolutely astounding performance.”

He quoted, “It was an astounding performance by Lopez. He was back to being the genius one, the kid that everybody was hoping would become. And it was Josh Taylor’s misfortune to be in the way of that when it happened.”

In his eyes, Taylor was unfortunately the “wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time,” although he applauded the Scotsman’s courage and humility.

Despite the defeat, Powell sees a way forward for Taylor. He contemplates that a move up to 147 could be possible for Taylor in the next year but also offers a word of caution.

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In Powell’s words, “I think that going for a two-division title after being knocked around here by this lighter guy is not the first step he should take back. If I were him, I would promise Catterall a rematch.” He suggests that securing a win against Catterall could be the first step towards redemption for Taylor.

The “Disgraceful” Scorecards

Powell held nothing back in his critique of the scoring of the match. He expressed his disbelief and frustration at the 115-113 outcome on the scorecards, which he perceived as grossly misrepresenting the nature of the fight.

“What we afforded on those scorecards was absolutely disgraceful,” Powell vented. His tone left no room for misinterpretation: he found the scores to be a complete deviation from the actual events in the ring. Powell stated, “There’s too much of this going on now,” underlining what he considers a recurring and damaging issue in boxing.

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Despite his admiration for Taylor, Powell conceded that he could only give the Scotsman three rounds in the fight, a stark contrast to the official scores.

Conclusion: Powell’s Insightful Takeaway

Jeff Powell’s incisive analysis and thoughtful remarks offered a unique perspective on the Lopez-Taylor showdown. His critique of the scorecards, his admiration for the fighters, and his suggestions for Taylor’s path forward all underscore the depth of his understanding of the sport.

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