Jaron Ennis Talks About His Fight With Romain Villa Tonight

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“Whether in the gym or the ring, he’s always one step ahead,” they often remark when speaking of Jaron Ennis, a boxing phenomenon from Philadelphia. He’s as calm as they come, never one to raise a dust. For him, it’s all part of the job – the unwavering discipline, the endless hours in the gym, the intense sparring sessions – all building up to that one pivotal moment in the ring.

Jaron Ennis, fondly known as “Boots”, recently sat down with Fight Hub TV for a interview.

“I’m always ready. Even after a fight, I get right back in the gym, always looking to sharpen up for what’s next,” Boots shared.

July 8th: A Date with Roman Villa

Ennis’ next challenge is Roman Villa, a pressure fighter who, quite controversially, jumped ahead of Rashidi Ellis. The buzz around this fight is intense. A significant amount of interest stems from the fact that Villa managed to floor Ellis twice, ultimately securing a unanimous decision.

Ennis’ view of his opponent is as respectful as it is analytical. “He’s a straightforward fighter, no frills, a pressure fighter with wild shots and minimal defense. He’s going to run into a lot of shots,” Ennis remarked, adding a bit of controversy.

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The Calculations and Expectations

Despite Villa’s reputation, Ennis is not swayed. His confidence is fuelled by a rather intriguing statistic: during the Villa-Ellis fight, Ellis landed over 40% of all his punches, including 49 power shots. The general consensus is that Ennis hits harder than Ellis, raising the question: what will be Villa’s fate when confronted with Ennis’ superior strength?

“I don’t think too much about that. Rashidi and I are different fighters. I am more physical, bigger, and I think my power is going to shock Villa,” Ennis claimed confidently.

The Strategy for Fight Night

What should spectators expect on fight night? In typical fashion, Ennis chose to keep the mystery alive: “It’s going to be fireworks, that’s all I can say. We plan to set him up, beat him up, break him down, and have some fun.”

One point of curiosity is whether Ennis feels the pressure to achieve a knockout, especially since he went the distance with Karen in his last fight. The answer is a decisive no.

“I don’t chase knockouts. This whole camp, I’ve been focused on having fun and being me. If you don’t look for a knockout, everything falls into place,” Ennis explained.

Anticipating Future Fights

Beyond Roman Villa, Ennis is watching the fight landscape with keen interest. The upcoming July 29 bout between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford is a highlight on his radar.

“It’s a great fight. Two great fighters. The winner will be whoever is in the best shape, the most focused, the most ready to take the other’s head off. We’ll see on fight night,” Ennis predicted.

Another duel in the spotlight is the match between Virgil Ortiz Jr and Stanionis, rescheduled twice for various reasons. Ennis views this as a 50-50 fight, as both boxers fight similarly. “They both come forward. Neither of them want to back up. I think it’s going to be a matter of who is more versatile,” he explained.

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Ennis is also open to a potential fight with Keith Thurman. “I’m not looking past Villa, but after Saturday night, I would be open to fighting the winner of the Ortiz-Stanionis bout.

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