Jared Anderson: “I didn’t expect Charles Martin to just fold”

07/01/2023 - No comments

Rising heavyweight contender Jared Anderson made a successful hometown return on July 1, dropping and beating former champion Charles Martin via unanimous decision a

“It felt great to put on a show for my folks,” Anderson said, his tone bubbling with pride. “They showed up and showed out for me. I’m not sure if I delivered my best performance tonight, but I certainly gave it my all.”

Anderson confessed that his opponent was as tough as he’d anticipated. “He was definitely as durable as I thought,” he acknowledged. “I didn’t expect him to just fold, which is why we lasted all 10 rounds. I wanted to show that I could endure, and a few times, I eased off just to last the distance.”

Mid-Battle Adjustments: A Strategic Maneuver

An essential element of any boxing match is the ability to adapt on the fly, an art Anderson seemed to master during this bout.

“There was a point where we were just hitting each other, exchanging good shots,” Anderson admitted. “But my plan was to stick to the jab, listen to my corner, and have faith in their advice. They urged me to stick to the basics, keep everything off the jab, and stay sharp.”

Anderson also revealed his success in switching to a Southpaw stance at key moments in the fight. It was something he attributed to his instincts rather than explicit advice from his corner.

“They never really told me to switch. My coach said that my Southpaw stance looked good and I could stick with it, but it was ultimately my decision. It was just instinct,” he explained.

What Makes a Fight “Fun”?

With his love for boxing evident, Anderson couldn’t help but express the fun he found in his recent bout.

“Putting on a show, hearing the crowd from round one to round ten – it made the experience so much fun,” Anderson enthused. “I appreciate Charles for showing up and making it a great bout.”

Anderson seemed to draw strength from his desire to inspire others. He candidly admitted that he aimed to gain more fans through his performance and appeared satisfied with the outcome.

“Going the distance in my hometown was special. Everyone asked me to let the fight last, and I did. Not because I couldn’t have ended it earlier, but because I wanted to show that I could last. I’m more than okay with not achieving a stoppage tonight.”

The Hometown Effect

Fighting on his home turf brought added pressure, but also immense pride for Anderson.

“Bringing out my high school band for my ring entrance was an important part of the experience. It was loved by the crowd, and I think it was super dope. ESPN did a fantastic job showcasing what I wanted to do.”

Anderson also reflected on the role his high school years played in shaping him, highlighting how it taught him to stay on top of his responsibilities to avoid failure.

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Dealing with Homecoming Jitters

Homecoming fights often come with an added layer of nervousness, a sentiment echoed by many in the sport. But for Anderson, it was a different story.

“I was in my own head,” he admitted, “I’m my own worst critic. While I feel like I could have adjusted a lot better, I’m happy with how I handled the night and the result.”

Summing Up The Fight Night Experience

As the adrenaline rush faded, Anderson took a moment to reflect on the overall atmosphere, the bout, and his personal performance.

“Win or lose, there will always be critics,” he said, displaying a commendable sense of resilience. “I just keep living my life. I no longer read comments. It’s all about focusing on my performance and continuing to inspire.”

Anderson concluded our chat expressing gratitude for the over 7000 spectators who flocked to see him perform in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio. He expressed his appreciation for the love and support showered upon him, promising to continue inspiring and entertaining his fans.

“I appreciate everybody for coming out,” he concluded, “I appreciate ESPN and Top Rank for showcasing me. It’s been a night to remember.”

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