Jared Anderson: “I’m the heavyweight killer”

06/29/2023 - No comments

FightHype’s Sean Zittel recently caught up with heavyweight contender Jared Anderson days away from his upcoming July 1 return to the ring when he takes on Charles Martin in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio

When asked if he considered himself a ‘Southpaw killer,’ Anderson responded confidently,

“I’m the heavyweight killer. We’re gonna broaden that up. We’re stopping all of them. We’re coming through to beat everybody.”

Anderson’s dedication to his craft is also evident in his physical transformation, to which he commented,

“I’m chiseling up simply because I’m maintaining my weight, eating right, and training right.”

The constant push to improve and transform is a hallmark of Anderson’s commitment to his boxing career.

Asked about his similarity with Riddick Bowe, fondly known as Big Daddy, Anderson shared,

“I’m chiseling up, trying to get better every day. I got people around me who never stop telling me when I’m doing wrong and when I’m not excelling.”

Thoughts on Timothy Bradley

A significant portion of the interview was dedicated to discussing Timothy Bradley’s comments about Anderson. Bradley had pointed out Anderson’s seeming lack of concern when in the ring, suggesting he was not respecting his opponents enough. To this, Anderson retaliated,

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“I love Bradley, alright. Tim Bradley, I love you. But you’re a horrible commentator.”

He felt that Bradley was being unjustifiably critical and inconsistent in his commentary. While Anderson acknowledged the importance of defensive awareness, he also clarified that he adapts his strategy based on the opponent he faces.

Anderson pointed out that he’s a switch hitter too, just like Terence Crawford and Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis. He said,

“I’ve switched in almost all, if not every fight, I’ve had so far. Give me four to five more fights to really show and get off my switching.”

He explained the difference between his orthodox and southpaw stances as primarily being about power. His right hook is strong in both stances, but he feels his left hand is more lethal when he fights as a southpaw.

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