Jamaine Ortiz Talks Crawford vs Spence, His Upcoming Fight, and Career Goals

06/07/2023 - No comments

Recently, pro boxer Jamaine Ortiz kicked back with Fight Hub TV, spilling the tea on everything from the hotly debated Crawford vs Spence showdown to his own future throwdowns in the ring. This dude’s known for being quick on his feet and having a heart that just won’t quit, a combo that’s made him a legit player in the boxing world.

Ortiz Weighs in on Crawford vs Spence

When the convo turned to the buzz-worthy Crawford vs Spence fight, Ortiz wasn’t shy about laying out his thoughts on the champ-to-be.

“Crawford’s my pick,” he said. “Dude brings a lot to the fight. He’s got more speed than Spence. Not that Spence isn’t good, he’s got his game down. But I’ve got a feeling Crawford’s going to bring something extra to the table and take this thing.”

According to Ortiz, this bout’s going the distance, a testament to both fighters’ mad skills. “Over 12 rounds for sure,” he predicted. “Opinions are split on this fight, but it’s definitely a 50/50 situation.”

Ortiz’s Upcoming Bout

As he was grabbing a quick bite at a café, Ortiz shared some deets about his next fight, something boxing fans have been hyped about for a while now. He acknowledged that his rep’s been growing since his last fight, but also expressed some frustration over the wait time between fights.

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“I wish I knew [why the delay]. I’m ready to get back in there,” he said, itching to get back to the action.

Looking ahead to his next fight, Ortiz is gunning for growth and experience in the ring. “I’m always looking to level up, always in the gym working on my game. I just want to keep showing up better each time I step in that ring,” he affirmed.

Ortiz’s Game Plan for the Future

Ortiz also got real about the confidence boost that came after his last tussle with Lomachenko, noting that the boost was more for the fans and skeptics than for him. “The fight didn’t really boost my confidence, but maybe it gave fans or doubters a bit more faith in me,” he said.

And when it comes to his future in the game? Ortiz’s got his sights set high. “I just want to be the best me I can be. In my mind, that’s becoming a multi-division world champion. Dominating at 35, 140, even moving up to 47. And snagging undisputed at 140, for sure.”

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His ultimate dream? “Putting on the great fights, the big fights, the ones fans will never forget,” he shared.

What’s Next for Ortiz?

Ortiz is set to step back in the ring soon. He’ll be back on the Teofimo Lopez vs Josh Taylor card on June 10th in New York.

As Ortiz continues to carve out his place in the boxing world, his insights on Crawford vs Spence and his drive to constantly evolve in the ring prove he’s all in on the sport. His next bout is set to be a thrilling display of his talent and grit, leaving fans pumped for what he’s going to bring to the table.

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