Jake Paul: “I’m Knocking Diaz Out, I’m too sharp, too fast, too prepared”

08/05/2023 - No comments

Jake Paul brought some fiery remarks and strong opinions to the fore. Speaking with IFL TV, Paul didn’t shy away from making bold predictions about his upcoming fight against Nate Diaz, live in PPV.com.

“Saturday is his last day of being a fighter. I’m knocking him the [ __ ] out, putting him to sleep. He’s a [ __ ] bully and he’s not a professional like I am,” Paul declared, with an unwavering gaze and a smoky tone.

“I’m knocking him out. I’m too sharp, too fast, too prepared. I’ve had the best Camp of my life so I’m gonna finish him easy.”

Dedication: The Key to Success

When asked about his journey and the secret to his success, Paul was quick to credit his unwavering dedication and tenacity.

“Hard work man, and never taking No for an answer. When the world beats you down, you just rise against it, keep on winning and it’s been a decade of work, every single day. There’s no shortcuts.”

The interview took a personal turn when Jake Paul was asked about his brother, Logan, having a match on the same night.

“I’m so proud of him and it’s crazy that we’re being able to do this together, take over the Combat Sports World together. I know he’s gonna absolutely kill it.”

This shared family moment indeed resonates a strong bond between the Paul brothers, a bond that transcends beyond the boxing ring.

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A New Challenge on the Horizon?

There’s no denying that Jake Paul has his sights set on bigger names and greater challenges. “There’s a lot of big names, a lot of big fights out there. I think a rematch with Tommy Fury makes sense. I’m still down to sleep KSI and just continuing to fight professional boxers and moving up and fighting big names. That’s all I want to do.”

As we approach the date of the much-anticipated figh, Paul’s conviction and intensity shine brighter than ever.

“It’s gonna make all the difference in the world… I’m going to be turning my hips over and he’s not going to feel a power like this ever before.”

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