Jake Paul: “I’m calling the Nate Diaz fans peasants because they are”

08/05/2023 - No comments

Radio Rahim of Seoncds Out spoke with Jake Paul moments after the Final press conference oin Dallas, Texas. Here is what Paul ad to say:

“Everybody came out in all white and you came out in all Dallas villain black…I just came up with this idea. We’re in Texas; I gotta come out as a cowboy,” Jake said, opening up about his unconventional approach to public appearances.

Jake Paul is no stranger to criticism, but instead of avoiding it, he’s embracing the villain persona. Astonishingly, Jake didn’t hold back from expressing his disdain for the locals, deeming them “peasants”. He directed his vitriol particularly towards Nate Diaz’s fans, stating,

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“I’m calling the Nate Diaz fans peasants because they are.”

Stirring the Pot

The press conference added more fuel to the fiery rivalry between Jake and Nate Diaz.

“Well, I mean, I did say I was gonna [ __ ] him in an alleyway. Jake’s the gay guy, yes sir, standing on business. I’m gonna grab your cheeks in the ring on Saturday night, trust me,” he shared, pushing the boundaries of trash talk.

When asked about his strategy for the match, Jake Paul didn’t shy away from painting a vivid picture.

“I’m killing this man. I’m telling the truth, sir. Are we talking literally, figuratively? Figuratively, figuratively yeah, yeah.”

When asked about his future plans, Jake Paul revealed an ambitious goal: to conquer the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) arena next.

“100%, if Nate accepts the offer. But he just keeps on wanting to duck me and make excuses and uh, act like a little kid. So who knows. It would seem like the cage is his advantage,” he commented.


He then challenged Diaz to accept an MMA fight offer, expressing frustration at Diaz’s seeming reluctance.

“I have 10 million dollars for you in MMA, and you still haven’t accepted it after I [ __ ] you up in boxing. I’m coming to MMA, and I’m [ __ ] you up worse. I’m gonna choke your [ __ ] ass out.”

Why MMA? Stepping into the Lion’s Den

Why would Jake Paul, a successful professional boxer, venture into the MMA scene? According to him, it’s about proving his doubters wrong.

“That’s exactly why because once I destroy them, choke them out and submit them, and outwrestle them, and outbox them, and outkick them, they’re gonna be like, ‘what the [ __ ] is this kid doing? This is crazy.'”

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