Jack Massey signs contract extension with Queensberry Promotions

Frank Warren is delighted to announce that cruiserweight contender Jack Massey has signed a contract extension with Queensberry Promotions.

The recent British title challenger, who was deemed by many observers as unfortunate to drop a decision to Richard Riakporhe at York Hall in a fight for the vacant title, is determined to manoeuvre himself back into the title fold during his second stint with Hall of Fame promoter Warren.

“I am looking forward to a big 2020 where I will hopefully get some big fights and some big title fights,” said the 26-year-old known as ‘One Smack’. “It is all exciting stuff.

“We’ll probably look for a ten-round run out and then look for a title after that, so we are looking for a belt in the next two fights and we will see what is out there and up for grabs.

“We know the fights are out there and there are some great ones to be made in the cruiserweights. It is looking good and there are some big domestic fights to be done.”

Aside from picking up title belts, an obvious aim for Massey is to be responsible for bringing boxing back to the spectacular surrounds of the Devonshire Dome in Buxton, where he has fought on four previous occasions in front of a packed out venue.

“There has been a bit of talk and we have been looking at that,” confirmed the 16-1 man. “If we can get a televised show there with Frank it would be great. It would be just amazing, it is a great venue and it would be wrong not to go back there.

“It would look great on telly and I think it is the largest free-standing dome in Europe. It is a cracking venue,” added Massey, who says he has been boosted by the public support following his performance against Riakporhe last time out.

“It has put my name out there but it was a bit controversial with the judges and the referee. I’ve got to take it as it is and move on to the next one. I’ve got a 12 round fight under my belt now and it was a good one that I can use as a plus.

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“It was weird at the end of the fight. I was down but it wasn’t like I had lost because the commentators said I was up and on Twitter it was the second most trending subject after the fight with people saying I was robbed.

“Obviously my zero has gone but that takes a bit of pressure off and I can just get on with it now.”

Frank Warren added: “I am delighted to continue promoting Jack and he is one of the most exciting cruiserweights out there with a big following right behind him.

“We will have a strong interest in the division this year, with Jordan Thompson and James Branch getting themselves into what will be an exciting mix of which Jack is firmly a part of.”


FRANK WARREN IS delighted to confirm that the Everton Red Triangle trio of Andrew Cain, Nick Ball and Brad Strand have signed promotional agreements with Queensberry Promotions.

All trained by respected coach Paul Stevenson from a gym established 100 years ago, the Liverpool Three share a decorated amateur background and an unbeaten professional grounding.

Featherweight Cain, 23, is a five-time national champion, who is now 4-0 in the pro ranks having made his debut in 2015. After taking time out from boxing due to family circumstances, he returned to the ring in 2019 and continued his trend of securing victory via stoppage.

His four bouts have all finished early and have spanned less than nine rounds of action.

Super bantamweight Strand, 22, is a four-time national champion, senior ABA champion and Tri-Nations winner. The England international opted to turn pro rather than pursue Olympic ambitions and is now 2-0 in the paid ranks.

Ball, 22, the most established of the three at 11-0 is a crowd-pleasing featherweight with destructive intent. He came from a background of Thai boxing before switching to Kirkby ABC from where he had 25 amateur fights.

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His goal was to become a professional boxer, which led him to the Everton Red Triangle.

Ball performed on a Frank Warren promotion in December at the Nordoff Robbins dinner show, where he stopped Johnson Tellez in the second round at the Hilton Hotel in Mayfair.

“I am happy to sign with such a major promoter who has been around for years,” reacted Cain to signing up to the Queensberry platform headed by a Hall of Fame promoter. “He is probably the biggest at the moment and he has a record of taking young fighters to the top, so hopefully he can do that for me.

“We have got a great set-up at the moment with fights already booked in so it has worked out perfectly.

“I feel like the break I had helped me, as crazy as it sounds, but I needed the time and it has all come back together again. I am suited to the pros because, I don’t want to sound horrible, but when I am hitting people I like to know that I am hurting them. You don’t get that in the amateurs, whereas in the pro game they know when they are hit.

“I’d love to sell a show out in my home city, but I will fight anywhere Frank wants me to and I appreciate what he is doing for myself and the rest of the lads.”

Strand, who made his pro debut in 2019, added: “I am thrilled that myself, Andrew and Nick have been signed by such a big promoter and the platform can only help us push on in our careers.

“It is always the aim to become a TV fighter and I am certainly working towards that and I cannot wait to appear on a Frank Warren show. With the exposure I will get, along with the rest of the lads, my boxing career can go from strength to strength.

“I would love to get the big shows back to Liverpool and show everyone what we can do.”

Ball, 22, reflected on his pre-Christmas night in the capital where he seized his chance to shine in front of his new promoter.

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“It was good and a boss experience to see him up close and fight in front of him. I went to see him after the fight and he was made up with my performance, saying it was outstanding, while Tyson Fury also had something to say to me.

“I was standing there after and he asked if it was me in the ring before pulling me over for a picture with him, also saying I should be proud of myself.

“Big shows don’t come to Liverpool as often as they used to and it is up to the boxers to make it happen and make people get up and want to come. Your style has got to be exciting to get people off the sofa and to the fights.

“The three of us who have signed with Frank have all got exciting styles and there are a lot of other lads from Liverpool who can help bring the shows back and we can all be on together.”

Promoter Warren added: “Liverpool is a place we have proudly promoted for many years and we intend to rekindle the fight scene in the city through our association with Paul Stevenson and his richly talented crop of fighters.

“I am delighted to have signed Andrew, Brad and Nick, who are all quality young fighters with a big future in front of them. They will be the spearhead of a new expansion for us where we will step up the development of the best young fighters and turn them into household names.

“I am hugely excited by the potential of these young men and I like the fact that they all see it as part of the job to entertain. I am looking forward to getting started with them.”

Andrew Cain, Brad Strand and Nick Ball, along with Queensberry super welterweight and Commonwealth champion JJ Metcalf, all feature on the Queensberry/Black Flash Promotions show at Liverpool Grand Central on February 28.