Ivan Redkach TRASHES Tank Davis for not showing up for sparring

By Allan Fox: Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis failed to show up for the sparring session that he’d asked for against Ivan Redkach on Monday. The welterweight Redkach (23-5-1, 18 KOs) let Tank Davis (23-0, 22 KOs) know about it by trashing him on social media for not showing up in the morning.

Ivan thinks Tank ducked him. It could be that Tank did intentionally not show up to avoid what would have been a lot of hard work. All that excess weight that Tank is carrying around would make it difficult for him to go the ten rounds that Redkach was asking him to do.

Redkach, 33, posted on Twitter and said he waited all morning for Gervonta to show up for the sparring session, but he never materialized. Tank replied back to say that he’s not a morning person.

Did Tank duck Redkach?

Today was supposed to be the sparring rematch between Tank Davis and Redkach. The two sparred last Friday and a brief clip of the edited video was uploaded by Tank, showing his good moments.

Redkach was unhappy about Davis choosing to post it online, as he was told by Tank’s defeat that he couldn’t film the sparring. What’s interesting is that Redkach says that Tank only fought hard for the 30 seconds of the clip that he posted on social media, and that he wasn’t fighting like that the rest of the time.

In other words, Tank edited the parts were he looked good and kept those, and left out where Redkach was taking the fight to him.

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Redkach said if Tank wants a real fight, he should move up five pounds to 140 and take him on in a fight. That would be a big payday for Redkach if Tank were to agree to fight him at a catchweight of 140 lbs.

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Redkach upset after Tank fails to show for sparring

Gervonta: “Redkach, hey, I’m running a little late, but I’m coming. Be ready!”

Redkach: “@Gervontaa, I was waiting for at the gym for sparring from 10 to 11 AM. You didn’t come. You know that sparrings take place in the morning. I feel bad for our fans that you did not give them a chance to see real sparring and not just those 30 sec.”

Tank:  “I didn’t even spar you at 10 nor 11 the first time we sparred. We sparred at 2. I’m not even a morning person to even get up that early! You a b****! Who spars at 10 in the morning? Wtf. I don’t get up that early. Even Floyd don’t and he one of the greats.”

Did Tank Davis lose his nerve at the last second and decide against sparring Redkach. I don’t know but what’s interesting is Tank didn’t elect to reschedule the sparring. The only thing he could offer up as an excuse was that he doesn’t get up in the morning.

It could be that Tank had second thoughts because he realizes what would be expected of him if he sparred a second time with Redkach. This time, Redkach wanted Tank to spar ten rounds, not four like the last time.

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As overweight as Tank Davis is right now, he probably couldn’t do 10 rounds without falling apart, and possibly get stopped due to exhaustion. The size that Redkach has would be a problem for Tank in a 10 round spar, especially if he fights him at 100% effort like last time.

- Latest Gervonta Davis

Ivan dares Gervonta to fight him at 140

Redkach: “Gervonta,  it’s just a sparring session, it’s not a fight. “If you want a fight with me, [let’s do it at] 140pounds. I’ll show you a real Fight, Believe me. I can’t wait for you for half a day. I have a plan for the day. There is a child, we went for a walk on the ocean to play, enjoy life, and my work is done.”

Tank: “You’re a tune-up fight for everybody, dummy, and I advise you not to take that fight with Shawn [Porter] because he’s going to kill you. You can’t hit nor can you take a punch.”

Redkach: “You could not beat grandfather [Yuriorkis] GAMBOA with one leg. What are you talking about?” Noting only 30 sec round 4 total 6. You were very tired. No problem. Stay focused. Believe me; remember karma.”

Sparring Ivan at full speed was the reason why Tank gassed out. He was too out of shape, and he tried really hard to knock Redkach out in the four rounds. When that failed to happen, Gervonta was fighting on fumes and chose to bail.

That’s the theory that some boxing fans have for why Tank Davis didn’t hang out for the full six rounds of sparing. Redkach seems game to continue sparring with Tank. But for that to happen, Redkach is going to need to camp out in the parking lot, waiting for Davis to show up at his gym.

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Redkach doesn’t seem like he’s willing to invest that much time int trying to get a rematch with Tank. Another fight that Redkach wants is against Adrien Broner. He called Broner out last weekend for a fight. Broner had said on social media that Redkach was lucky they’d didn’t fight because he would have beaten him up too.