Interview: Kurt Scoby on TKO win over Hank Lundy in NYC

06/30/2023 - No comments

In an exclusive interview with RingTV, Kurt Scoby graciously sheds light on his recent sensational victory over veteran Hank Lundy. Lundy, down for the count, and standing tall is Kurt Scoby. Such a swift triumph against a long-time veteran, how did that make him feel?

“The win? Exhilarating,” Kurt begins. “But, glory to Allah, this victory is more than me. It’s about this stage, this main event I’ve carved for myself.  We wil keep showing up, selling out, all for the spectacle we create.”

Now, for a young victor, one would expect a moment of rest, a pause to bask in glory. Not Kurt. He’s thinking about an elliptical workout, a four, maybe a five-mile run.

“I never want people to think I’m complacent. Satisfaction? It’s a myth in my dictionary. Yes, it was a splendid performance in there, but there’s always room to improve, always a higher peak to summit.”

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Let’s rewind to the highlight reel, that knockdown, a deft right hand that seemed to drain Lundy of all fight. Was that his masterstroke, a calculated move against a high guard he knew was coming?

“Absolutely,” he confesses. “I drilled that move into my head, detailed it, repeated it until it was second nature. Each night, before I fell asleep, I visualized that punch. Manifestation, belief, these are the real weapons in the ring. When it was time, it just… happened.”

The buzz in the arena is that Kurt Scoby will be returning to the ring on August 18th. But is he in any rush to confirm that?

“Tonight, I focus on tonight,” he states firmly. “Sure, they have a date set for me. But for now, it’s one step at a time. First, I need to unwind, head back to the hotel, relax. Tomorrow, I’ll think about tomorrow.”

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His potential next challenge, an eight-rounder, has sparked a flurry of speculation. Is he ready for the ten-rounders? What’s next?

“I’m ready for whatever’s thrown my way,” he proclaims confidently. “I like my challenges as I like my meals, hearty and satisfying. Serve me some Scooby Snacks, and watch me devour them!”

As our conversation wraps up, a rumor is addressed, the existence of a secret weapon. Kurt smiles, “Secret weapons? No secrets here. I guess we’ll see in due course.”

Kurt Scoby is a name to watch in the boxing world.

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