Hughie Fury: “I think Joshua is a stiff and it’s going to be an easy fight”

06/30/2023 - No comments

Hughie Fury , speaking to Pro Boxing Fans, announces his return to the ring, discusses a future fight with Anthony Joshua, Joshua vs Deontay Wilder and more.

“It’s been a difficult time. Being out of the ring. But I’m back now, hopefully, you’ll see me back out in August, putting on a show.” – Hughie Fury

As fans, we’re all curious about the reasons for his absence, but Fury prefers to keep the cards close to his chest. His hint at a “nightmare” and “frustrating times ahead” leaves us to speculate. The upcoming challenge, however, seems to stir a new wave of motivation in him.

“The plan is now all this behind me, get back in August, blow off the cobwebs, and get back on the scene.” – Hughie Fury

To Fight or Not To Fight?

His father has always pushed him to compete at the highest level, suggesting no need for ‘easy tune-up fights’. Fury’s sentiments mirror his father’s. He’s more than ready to step into the boxing ring and prove his mettle, brushing aside any cobwebs.

“I’m ready to play games with myself to get to the top. I’ve had all my experiences, and I just want to blow off the cobwebs. Then I want these big fights.” – Hughie Fury

However, who his opponent might be in the future remains a mystery. His strategy, it seems, revolves around staying focused on one fight at a time.

“It’s just whatever’s out there at the time. The main thing is just get this first fight away, and then whoever comes.” – Hughie Fury

Fury’s Views on The Heavyweight Division

Fury expresses his frustration with the current state of the heavyweight division, reflecting a common sentiment amongst fans. H

“I’m very frustrated not being able to do anything myself and be in these fights. But that’s all going to change now. Hopefully, everything goes to plan, get back out there, and all these big fights will come.” – Hughie Fury

As for his predictions on other matches? For the rematch between Zhang and Joyce Fury seems to be impartial.

“I think it’s a good fight. Both fighters are big giants, and both can punch. It is another 50-50 fight.” – Hughie Fury

On the topic of Daniel Dubois fighting Usyk  in August, Fury acknowledges the challenge but doesn’t discount the power of a big right hand.

“I always have to give him a chance in the fight because of his power. But I do believe Usyk will use his smartness and cleverness and outbox him. But you can never ever rule out power.” – Hughie Fury

His perspective on Joshua’s fight against Deontay Wilder is an open-ended one, hinting at the element of surprise in boxing.

“Who lands first with that one, definitely.” – Hughie Fury

When probed about a potential showdown between himself and Joshua, Fury doesn’t mince his words.

“I want 100% to get this first fight out of the way, and then they’re the fights I want. Joshua, honestly, I believe, won’t stand a chance.” – Hughie Fury

Fury’s confidence stems from what he perceives to be Joshua’s weaknesses.

Yeah, he’s a complete stiff all together. I don’t think there’s nothing about him whatsoever. I think he’s a stiff and it’s going to be an easy fight.”

Wrapping up the conversation, Fury also had words of support for his stablemate, Savannah Marshall, predicting she’s going to make a statement.

“I guess she’s looking stronger. I believe she’s going to make a statement.” – Hughie Fury

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