Hearn on Joshua – Helenius: “You’re going to see a great performance from AJ Tonight”

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Eddie Hearn offered a rare insight into the intense training regimen of Anthony Joshua, leading up to his fight with Robert Helenius on tonight live on DAZN.

“AJ has been unbelievable through this whole process…has trained for 12 weeks in Dallas with Derrick James in 110-120 degree heat every day…and he wants to smash someone up.”

The hunger Joshua has for the sport shines through in his actions, according to Hearn.

While acknowledging the financial impact on everyone involved, Hearn emphasizes that for Joshua, it’s more than money.

“Financially it impacts everybody but it’s more than that to him. He wants to perform… the improvements that he’s made with Derrick James… he’s been on fire in this training camp.”

Joshua’s desire to fight, regardless of opponent changes, shows a unique commitment.

Hearn reflects on the economic necessities for fighters on the undercard.

“You have to understand in boxing they only get paid when they fight…all of these people on the undercard have spent 12 weeks of their life spending money on their training camp, travel, food, equipment, and they want to fight.”

Hearn reveals the behind-the-scenes scramble for an opponent, with many heavyweight contenders reaching out.

“We’ve had 30 heavyweights…from the English heavyweight champion to Andy Ruiz who comes out saying I will fly over on Monday or Tuesday. You just have to give me a lot of money.”

The situation emphasizes the high stakes and business aspects of professional boxing.

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While discussing potential match-ups, Hearn appreciates the complexities in finding a suitable opponent.

“You’ve got people like Filip Hrgovic who’s at a 12-week camp for a Southport…it’s very difficult in this situation to make everybody happy.”

The dynamic nature of arranging fights presents a significant challenge.

With some fans possibly seeking refunds due to the changes, Hearn assures fairness in the process.

“If there are fans who bought tickets to see Joshua Whyte and are now looking for refunds, we’ll be fair to them. If you don’t want to come, then you get a refund, but you’re going to see a great night of heavyweight boxing.”

Hearn’s enthusiasm for Joshua’s upcoming performance is clear.

“I just want to watch him shine and hopefully we can make that happen. You’re going to see a great performance from Anthony Joshua.”

His confidence in Joshua’s preparation and abilities sets high expectations for the fight night.

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