Hasim Rahman says Fury drained Wilder in 2nd and 3rd Fight

Hasim -The Rock- Rahman is definitely an underrated Heavyweight Lineal World Boxing Champion with 41 KO’s throughout his career. People don’t realize how close he was to losing his life in the streets of Baltimore. While talking with the Murder Master Music Show, Rahman recalls taking 5 bullets to the stomach one day and leaving the hospital early the next day to knock out his shooter. Hasim also gave his thoughts on the Fury-Wilder Trilogy fight and credits Fury for heart being the only fighter he has seen get knocked out without having a loss on his record

Fury-Wilder III

“Man, I thought it was an amazing fight. If Wilder could have put in his game plan to really stop Fury from grabbing him and leaning on him I think he wins the fight. He drained him in the 2nd and the 3rd fight. But that6’s not to take anything away from Tyson Fury he went in to perform and execute his game plan. Not only that he showed tremendous heart and desire for getting up from two knockdowns.”

Fury’s heart

“I’ve never seen somebody get knocked out so many times without a loss on his record. Clearly, he knocked him out in the first fight, out, and then he rose. I’ve never seen somebody get knocked out so many times, he doesn’t even have a loss. That’s kudos to Fury, his conditioning, his heart, and his desire. Boxing is in a good space right now!”

Getting shot 5 times and knocking out the shooter

Getting Shot 5 times

“That was life and death! I never really looked at boxing as life and death. Growing up in the streets of Baltimore and me I wanted to be in the streets. I wanted that life! I wanted the fast life, the money, the cars, the girls! I placed myself in the streets and got in the belly of the beast. They tell you if you choose this life more than likely one of two things will happen, you go to jail or you go to the graveyard. That’s where they was trying to send me to the graveyard!”

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Left hospital one day after taking 5 shots to knock out the shooter

“I left the hospital the day after! On everything, I knocked the guy out on the streets the same day that I came home! I’m gonna give it to you 100% I saw two guys arguing on my corner and I saw my whole crew across the street and knew if it got rough the calvary would be coming but it only took one shot. I did knock him out!!”