Harper Vs. Jonas Press Conference Quotes

Eddie Hearn: “Welcome everyone tuning it at home on the Matchroom Boxing YouTube channel and Sky Sports as well. Wow! What a start to fight camp last week. To be honest with you it couldn’t have gone any better. We had a great time in the bubble last week. The fighters all excelled. We had drama, we had Fight of the Year contenders and this week we expect another unbelievable night in Week 2 of Fight Camp this Friday at the Matchroom Headquarters live on Sky Sports in the UK and DAZN across America as well.”

Terri Harper – Denaby, England – 10-0, 5 KO’s – defending her WBC and IBO Super-Featherweight World Titles against Natasha Jonas:

“I’ve been told a few times about Joe’s mind games so I switch off and don’t let it bother me. I don’t feel pressure compared to my World Title fight. I’m looking for the stoppage. Tasha has never done 10 rounds, she’s not proven that she can go the distance. If I land a good shot on Tasha? Lights out. Talking about Tasha’s knockout rate? She has fought nobodies. Who has she stepped in the ring with? Tasha has not proven herself. They will have a big shock on Friday. If I’m honest I’m just enjoying this journey. I popped up out of nowhere and here I am on the biggest stage. We’re not daft, we’ve prepared for the best Tasha.”

Natasha Jonas – Liverpool, England – 9-1, 7 KOs – challenging Terri Harper for her WBC and IBO Super-Featherweight World Titles:

“I had an extra three weeks to prepare. It was seven weeks the first time and ten weeks this time. I got time to be a little kid again with my little girl, and to be a teacher. The break away was good for me mentally. When I came back I hadn’t punched anything for two months. When I walked into the gym I told Joe ‘I’m never going to complain about being here again’. And I didn’t for the whole camp! I definitely feel like the underdog in this fight judging by the bookies and a little bit of social media. I think anyone that knows about boxing knows that you can’t write a person off just on one performance. I know I’ve done everything that I could possibly do in this camp and more. I’ve given 100% in every training session. I believe I can do it. Power is something I’ve always had, I have a good knockout percentage, I know that I carry power. If I land cleanly, she will go.”

Chris Billam-Smith – Bournemouth, England – 10-1, 9 KOs – defending his Commonwealth Cruiserweight Title against Nathan Thorley:

“I’m looking forward to the fight. I’ve now had Nathan in my sights since it got announced in March. I’m looking forward to the fight on Friday. I saw the show on Saturday and I thought it was a great show. I’m looking forward to putting on a performance on Friday. It’s been a hot division for a while now. We’re all fighting each other at the moment. I boxed Riakporhe, Riakporhe’s boxed Jack Massey, I’ve boxed Craig Glover and me and Nathan are fighting as well. Everyone is willing to put it on the line to prove who is the best. Obviously Lawrence Okolie at the moment is just a few steps ahead of us.   He’s moving on to world honours so it’s sort of the best of the rest when it comes down to us all and I believe that’s me.”

Nathan Thorley – Cardiff, Wales – 14-0, 6 KOs – challenging Chris Billam-Smith for the Commonwealth Cruiserweight Title:

“It’s a massive opportunity and one I’m grabbing with both hands. I’ve given it everything in the gym since January because obviously we were meant to fight in May. I haven’t stopped training. It’s good sparring and it’s good strength and conditioning. I’m fit and ready and just can’t wait for Friday now. It’s a bit of a blessing the virus, not a blessing for others but it’s a blessing for me. I’ve been furloughed from work so I’ve been able to train full time and get myself in incredible shape. I’m ready to go. I know Chris is big and strong, but I’m big and strong myself. We’re both two big strong fellas and I think it’s going to be a good fight. I’ve got a job to do first on Friday against Chris. I’m not looking past Chris. For me, Chris is my World Title shot. Roll on Friday.”

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Anthony Fowler – Liverpool, England – 12-1, 9 KOs – fighting Adam Harper in a ten round Super-Welterweight contest:

“I’m really excited. I think Harper’s style will play into my hands lovely. He is a game kid but I don’t think that will work against me. I’m going to walk him onto some hard, hurtful shots early on and hopefully show some of my new skills I’ve learnt under my coach. Counter punching, being smart, picking my shots. I’m looking forward to it. I watched Cheeseman vs. Eggington and I was that pumped up afterwards I went for a run. That Cheeseman fight would be great at the end of the year but obviously Adam is here to gatecrash the party as he put in his own words. I’ve got to make sure that I do a job on him. I’m getting the win.”

Adam Harper – Tewkesbury, England – 9-1 – fighting Anthony Fowler in a ten round Super-Welterweight contest:

“I think I’m ready Eddie. First of all, apologies to you and thanks for not getting an injunction out on me. I think I hounded you and hounded you with about 30 unread messages. You finally answered. It’s nothing personal and there’s no disrespect to Anthony. I asked for any of your big names. I want to gatecrash the party. I’m a massive underdog here if you look at the betting odds. Fowler was the Team GB kid that we all used to look up to. I was in the ABAs the same year that he boxed Troy Williamson. We all know about Fowler and we all know how good he is. There’s no real pressure on me. I looked at the betting odds last night and I’m one to six to get knocked out. Fowler really needs to knock me out. I’m coming and I’m game. I’m super fit and I’m ready for this. This is a golden opportunity for me to gatecrash the party. Hopefully you’ll be signing me up after.”

Hopey Price – Leeds, England – 2-1, 1 KO – fighting Jonny Phillips in a six round Featherweight contest:

“I’m looking forward to it. There’s a lot of similarities between this show and the one I boxed on in Saudi Arabia even though there’s no crowd. When I watched Jordan on Saturday and he walked out to the ring it was just unbelievable to look at how it was set up. Dave phoned me and said we’re having a bit of trouble getting an opponent. I prefer to fight the better level opposition. I have to raise my game up and box better. I think that’s when you’ll see the best of me. I may have only had two pro fights but I was sick of those types of opponents just coming in to try to survive. It’s hard to show all of your skills and what you’re capable of against those opponents. I think it’s going to make for a better fight and I’m going to put on a good performance on Friday night.”

Jonny Phillips – Sandhurst, England – 5-4, 2 KOs – fighting Hopey Price in a six round Featherweight contest:

“I always take any opportunity that comes up. I snap at it no matter what. Within five minutes I say yes to anything. I’m in this game for opportunities like this. I don’t see the point, like Hopey said, in going round and boxing people that are only coming to survive. I like to box the best on the biggest platforms and there’s nothing bigger than this at the moment. It’s a great opportunity. I said yes to the fight in about thirty seconds. I’m game as ever. I’ve had nine pro fights and I’ve boxed in five different weight classes. I don’t think many professional boxers have done that! I’m game as anything and I’m coming to win. I’m coming to knock him out. I was in the gym the whole time anyway and then we had a weeks’ notice for this one just to get a bit of a gameplay together. We’ve got something in the bank that we’re going to try and pull out.”

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Aqib Fiaz – Oldham, England – 5-0 – fighting Kane Baker in an eight round Super-Featherweight contest:

“I boxed in March on the Jono Carroll vs. Scott Quigg card. I’m fighting again now in August and hopefully again by the end of the year. I’m spoilt to be fair. Thanks to Matchroom and thanks to Sky for the opportunity. I’ve watched him and I respect him as a fighter. He’s a good fighter. I’ve prepared really hard and I’m ready for this. I’m ready for this step-up. I believe it was my destiny to be here fighting with Sky and Matchroom. I’ve always watched these shows and I’ve always wanted to be here and nobody is taking that away from me. A fight is a fight. It doesn’t matter where it is. A real fighter will fight anywhere. I look forward to a good performance. It will be a standout performance.”

Kane Baker – Birmingham, England – 13-6 – fighting Aqib Fiaz in an eight round Super-Featherweight contest:

“It’ll be the third time you (Eddie Hearn) have watched me. Hopefully it doesn’t go as bad as it has gone. I’m just blessed to be here. I’m a hardcore boxing fan and to be here experiencing a set up like this is amazing. Last week was absolutely spectacular. I’ve improved a lot technically. I’d like to show some of my boxing skills as well. I’ve just got to stay in his face and show him what eight rounds is about. To be a part of this is amazing. I’m up for it now, I could fight today or I could fight tomorrow. When I get the win on Friday I’m going to be one of Eddie’s mates and not Aqib.”

Natasha Jonas vs Terri Harper on Aug. 7, LIVE on DAZN and Sky

Terri Harper says she will “break down” Natasha Jonas when she defends her WBC and IBO Super-Featherweight World Titles against the Liverpudlian at Matchroom Fight Camp in Brentwood, Essex, on Friday August 7, live on Sky Sports in the UK and DAZN in the US.

Harper (10-0, 5 KOs) was crowned WBC World Champion after battering Eva Wahlstrom over ten rounds at the FlyDSA Arena in Sheffield to rip the famous green and gold belt from the long-reigning Finn and cement herself as a new rising star of British boxing.

The first defence of her WBC Title comes against Great Britain’s first ever female boxer to compete at an Olympic Games. Despite Jonas’ wealth of experience in the amateur ranks, ‘Belter’ remains confident that she will emerge victorious against ‘Miss GB’ on the night.

“For me, professional and amateur boxing are two completely different styles,” said Harper. “We’re not going to do anything daft. We’re not just going to be looking for a stoppage. I’m going to use my engine that for some reason Natasha thinks could be a bad thing. I’m going to work Natasha all night and break her down.

“Tasha gets caught quite a lot and I’m a big strong Super-Featherweight. When I get in the ring I’m easily a good 10 or 12 pounds heavier than what I was at the weigh-in the day before. I’ve got a bit of meat behind my punches and I strongly believe I could get a stoppage over Tasha.

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“She keeps saying there’s nothing I do better than her but obviously I beat Viviane Obenauf. I’m not going to go off that fight, but I think I’ve got one up on Natasha. Every fight I’m having I’m always thinking about that next step and reaching the next level. I enjoy the risks but I feel I have great momentum and I can’t see anything stopping me at the minute.”

Natasha Jonas is confident

Natasha Jonas is confident that Terri Harper won’t be able to deal with ‘the best version’ of her as the Super-Featherweights prepare to meet in a historic clash on Week 2 of Matchroom Fight Camp from Brentwood, Essex on Friday, August 7. The fight will be shown live on Sky Sports in the UK and DAZN in the US.

Harper puts her WBC, and IBO crowns on the line against former Team GB standout Jonas (9-1, 7 KOs). This is a keenly-anticipated main event that will see two British female fighters compete against each other for a World Title for the first time in the sport’s history.

Jonas, Great Britain’s first-ever Olympic female boxer, bounced back from her sole pro career loss against Viviane Obenauf. She’s had three rebuilding wins over Feriche Mashauri, Bec Connolly and Bianka Majlath, and the World Amateur Bronze Medallist believes all of the pressure will be on the shoulders of the younger Harper.

“She’s young, she’s hungry, and proved she could do ten rounds,” said Jonas. “She’s fit, but I also think that some of those things can be your undoing when you’re young. Sometimes you’re a bit naive; you can be a bit overeager when you’re hungry. She’s been talking about stopping the fight early so we’ll see. That’s all I can say.

“She’s done everything asked of her. She’s beaten people I couldn’t. She’s beaten experienced girls like Eva Wahlstrom. She takes the title, she’s got the title, and I’ve just got to take that off her. Hats off to her for everything she did. I’ve got nothing wrong to say about her. I’m realistic. I’ve just got to bring the best version of me, and I don’t think she can deal with that.

“I think she’s the bookies’ favorite. Judging by some social media comments I’ve seen, she’s possibly edging it with the fans too. There’s no pressure on me. She put out a statement the other day saying that there is, but I don’t believe there is. She’s the Champion; she’s got to keep hold of it, and been very vocal about how she’s going to keep hold of it. She’s got to go out and prove it.

“Every time I’ve come back into boxing, there’s always been a reason, like unfinished business. To win and to hold the belt would finally sort that unfinished business. That will make me complete. I’ll be prepared, whether it’s one round or ten rounds. I’ll be prepared, and I’ll keep going. There’s nothing she does better than me, and I’ll prove it on August 7.”

Harper vs. Jonas tops Week 2 of Matchroom Camp.

  • Bournemouth’s Chris Billam-Smith (10-1, 9 KOs) defends his Commonwealth Title against undefeated Cardiff man Nathan Thorley (14-0, 6 KOs)
  • Liverpool Super-Welterweight Anthony Fowler (12-1, 9 KOs) gets his second outing of the year against Adam Harper (9-1)
  • Oldham Lightweight prospect Aqib Fiaz (5-0) steps up against Birmingham’s former Midlands Area Champion Kane Baker (13-6)
  • Leeds Featherweight prospect Hopey Price (2-0) fights on UK soil again following his win on the huge Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua 2 show in Saudi Arabia.