Hank Lundy Reflects On His Loss To Scoby: “It’s all done and dusted, man, I’m out”

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With a solid 17-year footprint in the game, Hank Lundy perceives it as more than just a knee-jerk reaction. His ethos is rock-solid – no ducking or running from any challenge. “I took on the best. I faced whoever they pitched against me,” Lundy affirms with pride. Quite an embodiment of tenacity, wouldn’t you agree?

“I’m all good, it’s just the nature of the game,” a reflection from a resilient yet introspective Hank Lundy after his loss to Kurt Scoby.

“Is there anything Hank ‘Money’ didn’t tackle?”

Lundy’s profound rhetorical question seems to hint towards the closure of his notable journey, leaving us to ruminate over his extensive career. He’s travelled the length and breadth of the country, putting his might to the test in the ring. Each bout etching a new chapter in his narrative. But all narratives need a finale, and for Lundy, it appears as though it’s time to hang the gloves.

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The discourse takes a pivot when quizzed about Kurt Scoby, his recent opponent in the ring. The residual emotions from such a face-off are plenty, but does he believe Kurt possesses the chops to square off against the cream of the crop at 140?

“He’s a solid kid, but at the end of the day, patience is a virtue we all need to learn,”

Lundy’s words aren’t just about the sport but an insight into the future of this young and promising pugilist. He admits that had he been more robust, he could have pulled through. But that’s the beauty of boxing – it’s as much a trial of strength as it is of patience.

Reflecting on his career towards the end, Lundy remembers his face-off with David Diaz as his crowning glory.

“I fought him with a fractured rib, and I ended up knocking him out,”

A potent recollection from his past, a moment where agony and triumph were inseparable. Isn’t that the quintessence of boxing, where each punch you take is fuel for your next victory?

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However, as all good things eventually culminate, Lundy seems to have accepted the reality of stepping back from the ring.

“It’s all done and dusted, man, I’m out,”

These words resonate with the acceptance of a champion who left it all in the ring.

As a final note, Lundy credits boxing for being his saviour, his heartfelt gratitude marking his farewell address. Boxing for him wasn’t just a sport, but a lifeline leading him to victories beyond the ring.

“Thank you for saving my life,”

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