Golovkin is leaving boxing indefinitely

03/30/2023 - No comments

GGG is leaving boxing indefinitely, Jaime Munguia’s trainer was told by his promoting company in negotiations

Erik Morales, Jaime Munguia’s trainer, reveals that while trying to arrange a fight with Gennady Golovkin, was told that GGG is leaving boxing indefinitely.

“I don’t think (we are looking for that fight)”, Morales answered to IZQUIERDAZO when asked if there are ongoing negotiations for a fight between Munguia and Golovkin. “What I understand, what I was told by the (promoting) company, is that Golovkin told them that he is leaving boxing for an indefinite period of time. And that, if he decides to come back, he will let everybody know. So, we can’t think of Golovkin, right now”.

Morales said that Munguia’s promoters are looking for an opponent for June 10th, but he doesn’t see Golovkin as a possibility.

“(Fernando) Beltran, and Golden Boy, Oscar de la Hoya in this case, will define who will be Jaime’s next opponent”, Morales said. “We all would like it to be Golovkin, all the team, and especially Jaime. But Golovkin is not there anymore”.

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