George Kambosos Jr: The Ferocious Comeback!

07/21/2023 - No comments

The ferocious Australian boxing champion George Kambosos Jr. sat down for an in-depth interview with Boxing Social.

Kambosos expressed confidence and high motivation levels ahead of his debut.

“I feel very refreshed, very motivated, very hungry,” he stated.

“This is a great moment in my career to reshow the world who ferocious is again,” Kambosos declared.

The upcoming bout with Maxie Hughes may not have the same hype as his previous fights with elite boxers like Teófimo López and Devin Haney, but Kambosos doesn’t underestimate his opponent.

“I know what Max is trying to bring. I know what I’m going to bring,” he said confidently, “This is just as big because this is more opportunity to bounce back to showcase once again.”

The importance of a well-structured training regimen is not lost on Kambosos.

“You can’t ask for a better team, better corner. We are a well-oiled machine, and we can’t wait to make a great statement in this fight,” Kambosos stated.

Despite a loss to Devin Haney, Kambosos showed no signs of a confidence dip. Rather, he sees it as a stepping stone to learn, improve, and come back stronger.

“We have made the right changes and added the right artillery into my mindset and into my game,” Kambosos commented, proving that he sees every experience in the ring as an opportunity to grow.

Maxie Hughes, who has seen a resurgence in his career, is no lightweight in Kambosos’ eyes. He respects Hughes’ record and journey but makes it clear that their fight will be a different ball game.

“He’s a good fighter. He’s a tough Englishman. We give him the utmost respect,” Kambosos acknowledged.

The question of what drives Kambosos despite having held world titles before surfaced during the interview. The IBO World title is a motivator, yes, but it goes beyond the belts and the money for Kambosos.

“This is about Legacy,” he expressed with conviction, “I’m greedy in that ring. Every opportunity with what I present is going to be there. I’m going to take it with both hands.”

While his eyes are on the prize, his focus is unwavering. He expressed his anticipation and readiness for whatever Hughes might bring into the ring. Kambosos’ commitment to the sport and his family shone through as he shared that the fight coincides with his son’s birthday.

“This is for my family, for my kids, and still building the legacy,” he affirmed.

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