George Kambosos Jr Talks Tank Davis, Shakur & Teofimo Lopez

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George Kambosos Jr., speaking to Fight Hub TV,  takes a moment to reflect on his boxing journey thus far and offer a glimpse into his vision for the future..

L.A., for Kambosos, is more than a city. “It’s fantastic to be back,” he enthuses. “This is where I made my mark, where I crafted myself.” Training in the company of renowned boxing figures, Kambosos finds inspiration and motivation flowing in abundance.

“I am here where it all began and where my journey took an emphatic turn. I am hungry to recreate that magic,” Kambosos asserts, hinting at a resolute comeback.

Kambosos chronicles the previous year as an “11-month marathon” that hosted three critical fights, including two battles with Devin Haney and one with Teófimo López. He perceives this period as a valuable learning experience, nurturing his skills both in and outside the ring. His objective to defend his titles and his resilience in the face of losses demonstrates his unwavering spirit.

“Don’t judge me on my losses,” Kambosos advises skeptics, “Judge me on my comeback.”

In Kambosos’s perspective, boxing is a sport of unpredictability—one can ascend to the peak of success or plunge into a trough of disappointment in a heartbeat. However, he interprets his losses as stepping stones to improvement, and his forthcoming fight on July 22 is a testament to his growth.

“Those wins and losses imparted crucial lessons. When you spar 36 rounds with the top tier, you glean quite a lot,” he reflects.

Fans’ Reactions: A Double-Edged Sword

The fickleness of boxing fans often influences a fighter’s worth, typically based on their last fight. This trend has led some of Kambosos’s fans, particularly in Australia, to underestimate his accomplishments. Kambosos believes that fans’ reactions often hinge on the style matchup during a fight.

“Styles define fights. Some styles fare better against certain opponents,” Kambosos explains, discussing his encounters with Devin Haney.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Kambosos is brimming with ambition. He is centered on winning the Eliminator on July 22, but he also expresses interest in a potential showdown against Gervonta Davis.

“The matchup with Gervonta Davis piques my interest. Styles make fights, and I foresee ourfight as a shootout,” he adds.

While other fighters are choosing to climb up, Kambosos feels at home at 135. With a dedicated dietitian and a rigorous training regimen, weight management is a breeze for him. Nonetheless, he remains open to opportunities at 140 in the future.

“Right now, my goal is to reclaim my world champion title at 135. From there, we’ll evaluate the prospects at 140,” Kambosos shares.

Current Goal: The Upcoming Fight

Regardless of the chatter about future matches, Kambosos is laser-focused on his  bout on July 22.

“The most crucial thing for me is my upcoming fight. That’s my singular focus at the moment,” he concludes.

“I love fighting the Southpaws,” Kambosos says with a level of excitement that mirrors the thrill of a championship fight. His hunger to take on formidable adversaries is commendable, evident in his allusion to the possibility of a match with Vasyl Lomachenko, a globally acclaimed southpaw.

“There was talking about me and him fighting back in 2017-2018… who knows, we can fight in Greece in the old Olympic Stadium,” Kambosos muses, highlighting his openness to challenges in unconventional venues, symbolizing his willingness to go beyond borders for the love of the sport.

Kambosos’s words paint the picture of a true warrior, unfazed by the reputation of his opponents. “People don’t want to fight Tank because he’s too hard of a puncher. People don’t want to fight Shakur because they think this guy’s too good. But you’re like, ‘No, I want these guys’,” he shares, making clear his daring approach.

“If you put me to sleep, put me to sleep. I’m a warrior. I’m prepared to do whatever in that ring. So, I want to feel that,” he asserts, a statement reflecting his undeterred spirit, fearlessly ready to face any competitor, regardless of their perceived might.

A Glance at the Past and Future Matches

Kambosos, looking back at his previous bout with Teófimo López, sheds light on the match’s dynamics. He adds,  “It didn’t sound too confident, did he?…When it comes to me and him, I just know how to handle that.”

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Meanwhile, inquiring about a possible rematch, he responds with an audacious,  “Let’s do it again. Who cares?” This is the voice of a fighter who is never too weary for another battle.

Kambosos’s humility and realism shine when he speaks of his own career trajectory.  “I don’t need to fight. I want to fight. I love fighting. I’m a warrior,” he states, making it abundantly clear that it’s not about the money or fame, but about the thrill of the fight and the legacy he wishes to leave.

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