Fury vs Usyk: “A new offer.. very good offer will be made. It’ll be a ‘take it or leave it’ deal for Fury”

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In an interview with FightHype’s Rahman Hijazi, Amer Abdallah, the new promoter for the unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk and director of boxing of Skill Challenge Promotions, opened up about their plans, potential fights and the exciting prospect of Tyson Fury squaring off against Usyk. Abdallah’s take paints an intriguing picture of the heavyweight landscape and what could be next for Fury.

Abdallah began by acknowledging the major players in the current heavyweight division including Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, and of course, Usyk. The recent signing of Usyk by Skill Challenge Promotions stirred up the boxing community and raised questions about the much-anticipated match-up between Fury and Usyk.

“Alexander Usyk has dominated as a heavyweight, dominated as a unified champion. But of course, you can’t ignore the likes of Tyson Fury, a unique powerhouse in the ring,” said Abdallah.

The promoter spoke candidly about the potential of the Usyk-Fury fight. He admitted the fight has been popping up frequently in their plans. While there was a good offer made last year, Abdallah suggested there may be another in the works.

“There will be another offer that’s made, and it’ll be a ‘take it or leave it’ deal. It’ll be on the table, it’ll be a very good offer.”

He was careful not to predict what could happen in the upcoming months, considering the ever-fluctuating landscape of boxing, “Boxing’s a six-month business. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen in December. Usyk’s got Dubois, Fury might fight AJ, might fight Deontay… But if everything is paved the right way, then we’re looking at a massive December card.”

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Abdallah shared the company’s unique approach to promoting fights. Their mission is to provide the best fights for fighters and fans alike, working collaboratively with all promoters and networks to cut through the bureaucratic red tape. In essence, their mission is to deliver what fans want: to see the best against the best. This approach could potentially streamline the way to the much-anticipated Usyk-Fury fight.

“Skill Challenge Promotions is about putting on the biggest fights for the fighters, for the fans… eliminating the red tape…we’re working with every promoter, we have a great relationship with everybody.”

In the end, whether or not we’ll see Fury vs. Usyk in the ring is still up in the air. But with Skill Challenge Promotions and Abdallah at the helm, it’s clear that they’re doing everything they can to navigate the complicated world of boxing politics and make this mega fight happen. If all goes well, we could be witnessing one of the most exciting bouts in recent heavyweight history. And in the words of Abdallah, the plan is simple: “put on the fights that fans want to see.”

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