Frank Warren Slams Carl Froch, Talks Joyce v Zhang II, Tyson Fury

06/29/2023 - No comments

Meet the man who never shies away from throwing verbal jabs – Frank Warren. Warren has no qualms about throwing punches of a different kind, a verbal kind that is. He never pulls any punches when it comes to voicing his opinions about other fighters. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the ringside chat with Pro Boxing Fans

“He’s always got an opinion and never has anything nice to say about any other fighters ever.”

Round 1: Joyce vs Zhang Part 2

Could Joe Joyce change his style in time for the fight, Warren was asked. Could he make the right adjustments? Could he move his head more and bulk up?

“Well, him getting heavier isn’t so much a problem, but he’s going to have to change his game. It’s vital he does that. He’s not naive, he’s spent six rounds in the ring with the guy before. He knows what he has to do.”

But the question remains, how might Joe cope with the pain and confusion that clouded his last bout due to the eye injury?

Round 2: State of the Heavyweight Division

As the conversation veered into the state of the heavyweight division, Warren seemed unphased by the waiting game. In fact, he saw it as an opportunity. Even while big bouts were waiting in the wings, he took pride in the engagements he could secure.

“Whilst there’s not a lot of activity in the heavyweight division, we’re still waiting for these fights to get made. It must be good for yourself to actually get two heavyweights in the ring.”

Round 3: Tyson Fury’s Future

The conversation then naturally gravitated towards Tyson Fury, the self-styled “Gypsy King.” How would Fury’s recent call-outs of Andrew Ruiz and Deonte Wilder affect his future bouts?

“Tyson has offered them fights on great terms, but as we know, both of them are just waiting for the big payday in Saudi Arabia. That’s their choice. In the meantime, Tyson is going to keep himself busy. We’re going to announce a fight soon.”

Round 4: The Potential Disaster of Ring Rust

The interview couldn’t avoid bringing up the potential ring rust disaster if Tyson stayed inactive too long before facing Usyk. Warren quickly dismissed this concern, showing a hefty dose of scorn for the originator of this viewpoint, Carl Froch.

“I don’t care what Carl Froch says. He’s always got an opinion, and he never has anything nice to say about any other fighters ever.”

Round 5: The Frustrations of Matchmaking

Warren then detailed the challenges and frustrations he’s faced, including the failed talks with Anthony Joshua and Dillian White. In particular, he voiced his annoyance over allegations that Tyson wasn’t serious about fighting.

“When we sent them the offer, they said Tyson wasn’t serious. That was a complete lie. And they claimed they already had a fight lined up, which was clearly untrue as nothing was signed.”

Final Round: The Matchups on the Horizon

Finally, the interview turned towards the possible face-off on the same night as Connor Benn and Chris Eubank Junior’s bouts. Warren, unperturbed, casually dismissed the concern and took a jab at the contenders’ reputations.

“They’re not even the best in their weight divisions in England. It’s all about the name and that bubble burst when Eubank got beat. In the meantime, Benn needs to prove himself. He’s got to overturn that positive drug test result.”

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