Frank Warren Rips Into Eddie Hearn & Anthony Joshua!

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Boxing promoter Frank Warren delivered a vigorous response to Eddie Hearn’s comments on the proposed offer for a fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, during a recent interview with IFL TV. “It was a genuine offer,” Warren said, his ire evident in his words. “Tyson was very much aware of it. Tyson, to his credit, said to me yet again [Joshua] won’t take it because he’s terrified of me.”

Accusations of a PR Stunt

Warren’s defensive response came after Eddie Hearn claimed that the offer from Warren’s promotion company, Queensberry, was a mere PR stunt. According to Hearn, Queensberry knew Joshua already had plans for August and December and made the offer anyway.

“We sent the offer, and we did it discreetly. It was not done through the media and anyone can say what he likes, but he’s talking a complete pile of Apollos. That is untrue,” Warren asserted, insisting that Hearn’s claim was baseless.

Joshua’s Decision Not to Fight Fury

The crux of the controversy revolves around Anthony Joshua’s refusal to fight Tyson Fury for the WBC Title. Warren questioned Joshua’s decision to fight Dylan White over Fury, “Why would he choose that over [Fury]?”

Warren went on to claim that Joshua and Hearn had no offers on their table, whereas Fury did, which further complicates the decision to refuse the fight. He also insinuated that Hearn was still in search of an opponent for Joshua for their August fight, “They’re probably scouring the old cemeteries at the moment looking at someone [for Joshua] to fight,” he quipped.

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Warren’s Offer to Joshua

Attempting to put the record straight, Warren stated that the offer to Joshua was serious and involved 40% of the purse, which he claimed was guaranteed whether Joshua wins or not.

“If AJ [Anthony Joshua] wants a fight in September, he’s got 40% of the purse, guaranteed at Wembley,” said Warren, further challenging Joshua to take up the fight if he has the courage to do so.

Warren also clarified the rumors about Fury considering a fight in Australia. He flatly dismissed them, stating, “Tyson’s not fighting in Australia. Where’s an offer from Australia? There’s nothing.”

Refusing to mince his words, Warren urged Hearn to call his bluff and accept the 40% offer. As to whether it was a PR stunt, Warren concluded emphatically, “I just told you no.”

Warren on Anthony Joshua’s “Golden Goose” Status

Warren, with an air of incredulity, spoke on Joshua’s current predicament, likening him to a “golden goose.”

“They don’t want him getting knocked over,” Warren mused, clearly referring to the protective circle surrounding Joshua. “He’s sitting here, waiting like that. I don’t know what for. Crystal chimney will be out in, I swear to you, he’ll be out in all this. Who’s he gonna fight? Who are they going to find for him?”

This suggests that Warren sees Joshua as a fighter being meticulously protected, with potential matchups being carefully chosen to avoid risks. He heavily criticises the strategy, calling out the fact that it might be a hindrance to Joshua’s growth as a boxer.

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Joshua’s Potential Rematch with White?

When asked if a rematch with Dillian Whyte would sell, Warren scoffed. He seemed to dismiss the idea almost instantly. “Listen, Dillian White got absolutely destroyed by Tyson Fury. What’s the point of that fight when you can fight Tyson Fury, the bloke who beat Dillian?”

He emphasized that Joshua had a better chance of winning against Whyte, hinting that this could be the main reason for a rematch. The implication was clear: it’s about money, not pride or titles.

“Sorry, Joshua did say it’s about the money. You saw that interview. That’s it. It’s about the money, not about the pride, not about anything else,” Warren ranted. The inference was clear – Warren is calling out Joshua’s team for being more interested in the financial gain than the sport’s integrity.

Tyson Fury’s Next Move?

As for Tyson Fury, the other big name on everyone’s lips, Warren was slightly more guarded. When asked about Fury’s next fight date and potential opponent, he left much to speculation.

“September 2nd, and we’re ruling that out now for Tyson,” he stated cryptically. “If he’s going to call a mandatory, Frank Sanchez is number four. Is that an option? You ask the WBC, they’ll do what they’ve got to do.”

This indicates that Warren is leaving the ball in the court of the WBC, a move that perhaps is designed to add to the drama and anticipation surrounding Fury’s next move.

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