Frank Warren On Fury vs Ngannou: “A Spectacular Showdown”

07/17/2023 - No comments

In an exclusive interview with Seconds Out, boxing promoter and manager Frank Warren shared his expert insights on  Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, a fight that promises to bring the boxing world to its knees.

Warren was outspoken about his belief in Fury’s ability to dominate the heavyweight division. He stated, “I genuinely believe that Tyson beats any of the heavyweights at this moment in time.” .

On the topic of Ngannou, known for having the hardest punch on record according to the Guinness Book of Records, Warren questioned whether Ngannou’s punches will land on Fury. He reasoned that “the question is can he land his punch and more importantly, how’s his fight going to pan out.

According to Warren, the Fury vs Ngannou fight promises to be a huge event, “It’s going to be the biggest event I’ve been involved in” and emphasized the wide audience it will draw.

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Opening a New Avenue for Boxing

Warren sees this fight as a landmark moment in boxing. He perceives this high-stakes, high-reward scenario as an opportunity to “open up a new avenue to make big fights“.

Warren acknowledges the criticism over Fury’s decision to go for a year without defending his WBC heavyweight title, but puts the blame on fighters’ high financial expectations and an unwillingness to compete for the title. He used the example of Anthony Joshua’s decision to fight an opponent that Tyson had already defeated, rather than challenge for the WBC title.

Warren sees this upcoming fight as a game-changer, both in terms of its scale and its potential to change the future of big fights in Saudi Arabia. He expresses his frustration with the previous unsuccessful attempts to organize significant fights, attributing the failures to unrealistic expectations.

The Appeal of Tyson Fury

Warren doesn’t shy away from praising Tyson Fury. He remarked that Fury “broke box office records for a heavyweight fight“, “broke the Wembley box office for any event“, and is set to launch a series on Netflix soon. Warren believes that Fury’s star power will contribute significantly to the fight’s appeal and success.

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When asked about Fury’s potential continued collaboration with the Saudi group, Warren answered affirmatively, indicating that there would be more fights in Saudi Arabia in the future. However, he did acknowledge the potential complications that could arise due to rival Saudi groups.

In the world of boxing, predictions and speculation are all part of the game. But one thing is sure, according to Frank Warren, the Fury vs Ngannou fight promises to be a spectacle like no other, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the boxing world and opening new avenues for the sport.

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