Frank Warren: “I’m absolutely convinced Dubois can beat Usyk!”

08/25/2023 - No comments

In the midst of a bustling press conference, legendary promoter Frank Warren offers an exclusive insight into the upcoming boxing event. Speaking to Boxing News Online, Warren said:

“I feel Dubois’ got a great jab, he’s got a good boxing brain, he’s got tremendous power in both hands, and he’s got great footwork. I think if he can do what Joshua didn’t do in his previous two fights with Usyk, command the ring, command the Center, and impose himself, then he can win this, and I’m absolutely convinced.”

Strategy: The Road to Victory

Frank Warren offers more than just praise for Dubois; he outlines a clear strategy for victory:

“I don’t want him going looking for big punches because you wind yourself up when you go. I want him to settle down and work off the jab, take the center, push him on the back foot..”

A Look at the Heavyweight Landscape

When asked about Tyson Fury and future unifications, Warren maintains focus:

“Let’s see what happens on Saturday. There will be a unification next year. Just skipping through the rest of the card, it’s going to be interesting.”

Is Warren holding his cards close to his chest, or is this simply seasoned wisdom at play?

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Dennis McCann: A Learning Experience

On the topic of Dennis McCann’s recent draw, Warren offers a detailed perspective:

“He was unfortunate getting a draw; he got a bad cut and fought with a bad cut for two rounds. He was in front on the judge’s card and on my card up until he got the cut. But when you get cuts like that, you get blood, and it affects the United States. He Spurs the opponent on. Irrespective of the result, how much will Dennis learn from that fight? He learned a lot. He knows what he’s got to do, and I believe that he will win the fight.”

A Final Pitch: TNT – Expect an Explosion

Warren’s closing statement was nothing short of explosive:

“TNT, you know what TNT stands for? Explosion. Explosive. You’re gonna see a massive, massive event on Saturday night. Watch it on TNT pay-per-view. It’s going to be something special. Be there.”

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