Frank Martin Opens Up On Canelo vs Charlo, Joshua, Spence vs Crawford

07/12/2023 - No comments

Frank Martin spoke to Boxing News’ Rob Tebbutt ahead of his return to the ring against Artem Harutunyan in Las Vegas. The discussion threw light on some eagerly awaited fights like Canelo Alvarez – Jermell Charlo, the highly anticipated showdown between Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford, and Anthony Joshua’s presence in their gym.

Jermell Charlo vs Canelo Alvarez: An Underdog’s Tale

In a world where punches speak louder than words, Jermell Charlo is a name that has gained traction. The buzz is about his colossal opportunity: a face-off against boxing legend Canelo Alvarez. As Martin shares the news, you can almost see his eyebrows lift in surprise, “I just saw it not too long ago. Didn’t see it coming, but that’s super cool. I’m excited for him.”

He admires Charlo’s unwavering dedication, a trait that’s quite inspiring. With an approving nod, he adds, “He’s always hustling, always at the gym. He’ll be ready when the bell rings. I’m thrilled for him landing that shot.”

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Taking on Alvarez means jumping two weight classes. It’s a steep climb, but Martin’s faith in Charlo remains unshaken. “Sure, it’s a challenge. But other fighters have done it. Canelo’s done it. This might be Jermell’s first time, but I know he’ll be ready for it.”

In the chessboard of boxing, Derrick James is a master strategist. Now, he’s gearing up for a colossal challenge: devising a strategy against Canelo Alvarez. Martin’s excitement is palpable as he discusses this upcoming battle of wits, “Man, this is big! I can’t even imagine what he’s feeling right now. It’s a busy year for him and all his fighters.”

The Showdown: Errol Spence Jr. vs Terence Crawford

We have Errol Spence Jr. squaring off against Terence Crawford. A battle that has been brewing for years is finally coming to life. With wide eyes and a grin, Martin shares, “It’s here. I remember Errol talking about this fight… he really wanted it, and now it’s happening.”

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When it comes to predicting who has the edge, Martin believes it all boils down to one thing: determination. “It’s all about capitalizing on every mistake in the ring… We train to be calculated in our approach. It’s all about who makes fewer mistakes.”

A recent wave of international talent, including the British heavyweight Anthony Joshua and lightweight dynamo Ryan Garcia, has brought a global touch to their gym. Recollecting his experience with these new additions, Martin says, “Having Anthony and Ryan is really cool. They’re pretty grounded guys, they work hard… Just like I improved when I joined with Derrick, seeing the same with Anthony, it’s an incredible sight.”


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