Frank Martin: “I expect Spence Jr. to pitch a shutout”

07/21/2023 - No comments

In an exclusive interview with rising star Frank Martin, Fight Hub managed to gather some  insights into his life, training regimen, and philosophy on boxing. The 22-year-old boxing sensation gave a tour behind the scenes, sharing intriguing details about his training, mindset, and future ambitions.

No interview  would be complete without addressing one of the most biggest fights in boxing today: Errol Spence Jr. Vs. Terence Crawford.

Errol Spence Jr.

During the interview, Martin emphasized two crucial aspects of Spence’s personality that make him a unique fighter: humility and quiet confidence.

“Spence exudes quiet confidence and humility. Everyone in our camp works without the need to boast or brag. We focus on getting the job done.”

” Spence usually doesn’t go 100% on media days; he’s already put in the work. He just touches up, working on certain shots to stay sharp. He is a big role model. He leads by example, always in the gym. For me, I have to be in the gym just as much because I’m trying to get to where he is.””

This sentiment paints a picture of Spence as a boxer who is fully committed to his craft, steadfastly honing his skills in the gym, and leading by example.

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A Modern Classic in The Making

While Martin didn’t directly offer a prediction for this potential match-up, his faith in Spence’s abilities was apparent throughout the interview.

“Spence does all the little things right, things that people don’t usually notice. Everything in boxing is about inches, and Spence understands that.”

This praise indicates that, if a fight between Spence and Crawford were to occur, Martin’s support would be firmly behind Spence.

When asked about his expectations for Spence’s performance on fight night:

“I expect  Spence Jr. to pitch a shutout. He’s been looking sharp, strong, and fast.”

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