Frank Martin: “Harutyunyan was tough!”

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“Harutyunyan was tough. I had to make some adjustments and my timing was off a little bit,” confessed Martin, adding, “I don’t know why but my instincts were off just a little bit tonight, but we got the W so that’s all that matters.”

“I was really trying to figure out the shots he was going to throw the most…what shots he was doing consistently. You know, looping shots. When I would dip down, he would loop in there too.”

Martin’s words remind us that boxing is as much about anticipation and strategy as it is about physical strength. Understanding the opponent’s tactics, recognizing their pattern of punches, and counteracting them are crucial aspects of the fight.

“When I hurt him, I stayed on him for a while. He was covering enough, I could have gone to the body more instead of head hunting. I wasn’t going to punch myself out and get caught with a shot. I pressed the issue as soon as I hurt him, but I wasn’t just going to chase him around throwing big shots and get caught with a shot.”

A fine line exists between calculated aggression and reckless action, and Martin clearly demonstrated that he knew where to draw it.

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A Critical Self-Analysis

“I just didn’t target the body enough tonight. I should have been on the body a lot. It was there, but like my instincts, my reaction time was off tonight.”

“If [Shakur Stevenson and Devin Haney] got something to say about it, hey, it is what it is. Whenever those fights happen, we’ll see what the reactions will be.”

“I’m trying to fight a foreign [opponent]. I didn’t have the performance that I wanted to have. I got the W, that’s all that matters. I’m keeping my head up. It wasn’t my best performance in my eyes. I got so much in my arsenal, but tonight it was just I was off a little.”

As the conversation progressed, Martin didn’t shy away from expressing his ambitions. He wants to challenge himself, to reach for even greater heights. His hunger for progress, even in victory, signifies his ceaseless pursuit of excellence.

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The Role of Team Support: Motivation in the Ring

“It makes me go harder. While I was in there fighting, [Errol Spence] was talking to me. He was telling me like you gotta pick it up, you gotta throw this, gotta throw that”

“I want all the top guys at 135. All the top guys. Everybody knows. I don’t want to keep name-dropping all these guys, but all the top guys.”

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