Francis Warren “Daniel Dubois Should Be Champion Right Now!”

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How much did that body shot from Daniel Dubois influence the outcome? Was it a low blow or not? Francis Warren, speaking to Fight Hub TV,  is unwavering in his stance. He’s firmly convinced that the referee gave Usyk an unfair advantage by allowing him a recovery time for what was deemed to be a perfectly clean shot. If the referees are becoming a shield rather than a guide, what does this signal for the integrity of boxing?

Daniel Dubois should be walking out of that arena tonight with [a win], but if it wasn’t given a low blow, it’s a genuine knockdown, man. The whole bout report’s going to be about that body shot, and I’m not gonna let it go and no one from Queensberry Promotions [is] either because it was a genuine, genuinely regroup and come back no problem at all.”

A Legal Blow or a Contentious Call?

“The referee’s giving him [Usyk] what, two, three minutes to recover from what was a perfectly good body shot, a slamming body shot from Daniel [Dubois].”

A point that’s hard to argue against. Warren emphasizes that not only was the body shot clean, but it should have been considered a genuine knockdown.

“I think Daniel watching that back will probably see that  should have let his hands fly a few more times. He should have been a bit more aggressive.”

What’s holding Dubois back? Could he have turned the tables? According to Warren, absolutely. He argues that Dubois didn’t capitalize on moments when he had the upper hand. Post-body shot, did he feel deflated? The lack of aggression, Warren points out, may have cost him the bout.

 Rematch? An Appeal for Justice

“Referees are entitled to make mistakes. However, mistakes have to be corrected. If that precedent, which was also an IBF fight, is looked at, then there is previous there.”

So, what’s next? Warren points to past matches as evidence that rematches have been granted under similar circumstances. Given the referee’s controversial decision, he suggests there’s a strong case for Dubois vs Usyk 2.0. Is a rematch the answer to this tangled web of ‘what-ifs’?

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The Tyson Fury Distraction

“As you just said, Tyson’s got a mega night in Saudi on October 28th. But how do you see that kind of coming about because there’s always been so many fingers pointing in different directions?”

Warren touches upon the Tyson Fury factor, but he leaves us hanging on how this impacts Dubois’ future. Fury is set for a showdown with Francis Ngannou, leaving Dubois in a bit of a conundrum. Will Dubois simply warm the bench until Fury is free, or will he seek other bouts to reclaim his spot?

Identifying the Root Problem

“There’s always been so many fingers pointing in different directions that it’s hard to say as to where you know where the problem or the root of the problem really is.”

Warren doesn’t pinpoint a culprit, but his comments reveal an overarching problem within the boxing industry.

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