Floyd Mayweather on Hanging Out with Ryan Garcia

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FIghtHype owner Ben Thompson recently caught up with Hall of Fame legend Floyd Mayweather, who had a lot to say about several topics in the sport of boxing. !

“Yeah, I had a chance to catch Garcia a WNBA game. We had a chance to come here, kick it a little bit, talk a little bit just about life really, nothing about boxing, just about life.”

A Social Media Conversation with Ryan Garcia

“We’re talking about releases, how much money you can make off social media nowadays. That’s what we talked about; it’s crazy. And we talked about YouTubers and different things, you know, like that.”

This section reveals Mayweather’s interest in discussing life beyond boxing, emphasizing that his relationship with other fighters is not always about competition or rivalry. His conversation with Garcia about the potential financial gains from social media shows his business acumen and insight into modern promotional techniques.

His Philosophy on Signing Fighters and Working with Rivals

“I get all four [of the famous boxers like Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, etc.]. So if I signed, but I’m not looking to sign Ryan, but if you want to sign and he’s free, I’ll sign him. But if I’m not mistaken, he’s under contract.”

Mayweather illustrates his philosophy about working with fighters, even potential rivals. His comparison to the great boxing promoters of the past underscores his willingness to engage with the sport’s future.

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On Titles, Money, and Sanctioning Fees

“It wasn’t no title on the line, but they made great money, and nobody had to pay sanctioning fees. That’s the beauty of it. But once again, I love all four sectional bodies.”

Mayweather’s take on titles and sanctioning fees highlights a unique perspective on the business side of boxing, focusing on the financial aspects that often go unnoticed by fans.

Reflecting on His Legacy

“Don’t forget I’m the only fighter in history to beat 16 world champions straight. Crazy. And everybody always got something to say, so I can’t live for everybody; I’ve lived for myself.”

Here, Mayweather reflects on his legacy and his unparalleled success, highlighting the achievements that make him a unique figure in the sport.

On Being a Supporter and Mentor

“I will continue to help this world of boxing. I will continue to push these guys to be great. I’m not jealous of these fighters; I’m very, very proud of these fighters.”

This part of the interview shines a light on Mayweather’s continued commitment to supporting young fighters, indicating a desire to mentor and guide the next generation of champions.

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Hypothetical Signing of Ryan Garcia

“If Ryan Garcia gets free, will Ryan Garcia be with Mayweather promotions or PBC? Absolutely. It would make sense. You know who doesn’t want to work with the best?”

Mayweather leaves the door open to working with Ryan Garcia, hinting at future collaboration if circumstances allow. This openness reflects his confidence and business-driven approach to boxing.

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