Fight of my Life series returns to talkSPORT

talkSPORT’s popular boxing documentary series, Fight of my Life, returns to the network for a second series on Sunday January 31.

talkSPORT’s Russ Williams and Spencer Oliver are back hosting this trip down boxing’s memory lane as six huge fighters pick the fight that defined their career.

The series kicks off with Frank Bruno who has chosen his bout with Oliver McCall in what was billed as “The Empire Strikes Back” in September 1995 for the WBC Heavyweight Championship.

Frank Bruno told the show how he would have turned down a £10million pound lottery ticket for the win in the fight of his life, claimed he ‘wasn’t a very good boxer, just had huge will power and desire’ and said his trainer for the fight George Francis’ suicide ‘had a huge impact’ on him.

Frank said of George Francis’ suicide: “It affected me in a big way, because someone like your Uncle Johnny or whoever George was training, they had a tough man mentality. But it really hurt because we used to go for walks together, go to the training camp together. He lost his son, lost his wife, Joan. I felt sorry for him and I feel for him and I miss him so much it’s unbelievable. He was a nice man.”

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Going on to talk about his well documented mental health problems Frank said: “I remember everything. But that’s the way life goes sometimes. The strangest thing about it is your so-called friends will try to stab you in the back and want you to get sectioned or whatever.”

But he told the show that now ‘I feel a million dollars plus VAT’.

Head of talkSPORT Lee Clayton said: “Boxing is one of the most popular sports on talkSPORT and Fight of My Life has been a big hit with our listeners. Hearing some of boxing’s most legendary figures discuss the fights that shaped their careers in such vivid detail is a fascinating and illuminating listen for anyone with an interest in both the physicality and the mental side of sport.”

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Guests for the six week series include Frank Bruno, Duke McKenzie, Chris Eubank Snr, Kellie Maloney, Carl Froch and Tim Witherspoon.

Fight of My Life airs on talkSPORT every Sunday at 9.30pm and will appear in the Fight Night podcast feed after the show.

Episode schedule and other newslines from the series

Episode 1 Frank Bruno (Sunday 31st Jan)

Episode 2 Duke McKenzie (Sunday 7th Feb)

Episode 3 Carl Froch (Sunday 14th Feb))

Episode 4 Kellie Maloney (Sunday 21st Feb)

Episode 5 Tim Witherspoon (Sunday 28th Feb)

Episode 6 Chris Eubank Snr (Sunday 7th March)

Duke Mckenzie

Duke spoke about how he was subjected to racial abuse and spat at as he entered the ring

He also spoke about his brother who committed suicide and highlighted the importance of speaking to strangers as ‘you never know how someone might be feeling’.

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Carl Froch

Carl spoke about how he had to fight abroad as none of the British TV stations would get behind him and how he ‘never had any doubt’ that he’d lose.

Kellie Maloney

Kellie took us into the mind of Frank and told the show a story of when he’d leave Boxing events (as Frank), get back to his room and break down in tears as he wasn’t comfortable in his own skin

Said she was ‘surprised at how fickle the Boxing world was’ and no one wanted anything to do with her after the sex change.

Tim Witherspoon and Chris Eubank Snr will be recorded in the coming weeks.

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