Evander Holyfield Gives His Opinion On Spence – Crawford & More

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An interview with boxing legend Evander Holyfield is like stepping into the ring – every sentence, a precise jab that sends a clear message.  Holyfield shares his views on the sport, its competitive nature, and how to face formidable opponents with Fight Hype:

“Competition,” begins Holyfield, “is the most important thing about competition.” It’s a simple statement, but within it carries the weight of a champion’s experience.

“Did you put yourself out there to prove how good you are by fighting the best?” he poses a rhetorical question.

Reflecting on his own career, he adds, “When it’s over, you’re going to be happy. You fought everybody who would say they were the best.” A note to aspiring boxers, perhaps? It’s a reminder that one’s true worth is measured against the best in the field, and not merely by the number of wins.

Predicting Spence-Crawford Showdown

Asked to predict the outcome of the impending Spence-Crawford bout, Holyfield pauses

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“Great fight,” he says, drawing out the anticipation.

“I’m telling you, monstrous guys,” he adds, painting a vivid picture of the prowess of the opponents. A nod to their skill, no doubt, but also an indicator of the excitement the match promises.

“My opinion about what I think they are doesn’t really make the fight, right?” he asks, as if challenging us to step away from preconceptions and let the fight unfold as it will.

“Both of them have to fight that night,” he continues, “It’s about who can make the move that’s necessary and get the other guy before he gets you.” His explanation, while simple, speaks to the core strategy of boxing – agility, both physical and mental, is the key to victory.

Holyfield extends his train of thought further, diving into the mechanics of the sport. “Boxing is about how you’re going to proceed to take it from the other guy,” he says.

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He drives the point home by adding a layer of comparison, “If you’re just as strong as me and you’re just as fast as me, I know I can’t run up there in any kind of way.”

“This could be a technical fight,” Holyfield predicts about the Spence-Crawford match. “Both these guys can find out what they do better than the other person, right?”

The interview with Evander Holyfield, as one might expect, packs a punch, while remaining as engaging as it is insightful. Every quote from the boxing legend reflects the spirit of the sport and his respect for it.

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