Espinoza vs. Hearn: “Eddie Hearn Thinks He Is Great…Everyone Else Is Terrible”

06/19/2023 - No comments

Stephen Espinoza, the face of Showtime Sports, recently shared his thoughts on boxing during an interview with Boxing King Media. What piqued the interest of many, however, was his comments on UK boxing promoter Eddie Hearn.

Espinoza vs. Hearn

There’s no denying that Eddie Hearn is a significant figure in the boxing world. But Espinoza and Hearn don’t always see eye to eye, and this was made apparent in the interview. Espinoza gave his viewpoint on Hearn’s stance towards boxing events, saying, “You got to take it with a grain of salt. I mean, everybody knows everything Eddie does is the greatest thing in the world, and he thinks everything everyone else does is terrible.”

This candid remark offers a glimpse into the rivalry that sometimes exists behind the scenes in the boxing world.

A particular bone of contention between the two seems to be fighter inactivity. Espinoza clarified that when fighters aren’t in the ring as often as some might like, there are typically reasons behind it—everything from injuries to personal circumstances. He stressed that those criticizing this inactivity (implying Hearn among them) are often not paying full attention to these reasons.

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“Inactivity, if we’re not paying attention, can be something that’s just problematic. But if there are reasons before it, then it really isn’t a reason for criticism,” Espinoza stated.

Towards Mutual Respect

Despite the occasional disputes and differences of opinion, there is an underlying mutual respect between Espinoza and Hearn as influential figures in the boxing world. Their shared love for the sport and commitment to their fighters are the unifying elements that keep the world of boxing turning.

In the grand scheme of things, these discourses are part of what keeps boxing vibrant and constantly evolving. As fans, we can only sit back and enjoy the spectacle both inside and outside the ring. After all, as Espinoza rightly said, “Show me somebody who knows who’s going to win and how they’re going to win, and I’ll show you somebody who really doesn’t know what they’re talking about because this one’s impossible to predict.”

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