Errol Spence Jr vs Terence Crawford: A Fight FIVE Years in the Making

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Five years. That’s how long it took for this moment to arrive. And as Terence Crawford puts it, “All I can do is embrace the most.”

The Omaha-born boxer, a seasoned veteran in the ring with notable victories across three different divisions, finds himself on the cusp of what he acknowledges to be “one of the most significant, most important fights” of his career.

“Yes, for sure,” Crawford notes, “This is for the supremacy of the welterweight division. You got two top power fighters in their prime.”

“It’s a Pick ‘Em Fight”

Indeed, this fight is not just another notch in Crawford’s impressive career. It’s a battle for dominance, one that Crawford compares to “one of the biggest fights in the last decade.”

Crawford observes, “This is one of those fights where it’s a pick ’em fight in everybody’s eyes.”

The Rematch Clause

Within the interview, Crawford divulged some particularly juicy information regarding the rematch clause with Errol Spence Jr. “You know, if Spence doesn’t take that rematch after you beat him,” he was asked, “What would be the other option for the fight?”

Crawford responded with confidence and a clear vision for the future, stating, “It’s in the contract, so we expect him to take that immediate rematch, yeah, being that I’m going to win the fight.”

His certainty rings through, a testament to the grit and determination that has shaped his career thus far. This fight, for Crawford, is not just a challenge, but an opportunity. An opportunity to prove, once more, his strength in the face of adversity and his ability to rise above even the highest expectations.

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When asked further about the potential rematch and his anticipation of victory, Crawford remained unfazed, his focus on the present rather than the hypothetical future. “Who knows, it’s something that he would like to do,” he said.

For Terence Crawford, every fight, every round, every punch thrown is a statement—a testament to his skill, his resolve, and his passion for the sport. And with the rematch clause in his contract, he’s ready to reinforce his position at the top, prepared to fight and win, again and again.

A Champion of His Community

However, it isn’t just about personal glory or division supremacy for Crawford. As he looks around his neighborhood where he’s seen familiar faces cheering for him for years, he’s reminded of how his hard work affects those around him.

“It’s been like that ever since I was a little kid,” Crawford reflects. “Fighting in the Golden Gloves, in the finals, being the only person from Omaha always making it to the Nationals. It’s something that I always put on my back, that I carry with pride.”

The Importance of Patience

Crawford understands the virtue of patience. From the Golden Gloves to the precipice of a watershed moment in his career, it’s a quality that’s always served him well. “Everything in life happens in its time. So, I just had to be patient, wait for my moment, and just keep winning.”

Doing it for Everybody

As Crawford gears up for one of the biggest fights of his life, he’s not just doing it for himself. “I look at it like I’m not doing this for myself. I’m doing it for everybody. If they see that I can make it from the same community that they made it from, it’s inspiring.”

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Thoughts on Retirement

As for thoughts on retirement, Crawford is quick to dispel them. “Right now, my mind is set on July 29th,” he says. “I’ll be very comfortable with my career right now. I feel like I have already accomplished a Hall of Fame career, and I’m happy with where I’m at. But I’ll be satisfied once this job is done.”

Perhaps, this fight might be the cherry on top of Crawford’s illustrious career, especially considering the rematch clause with Errol Spence Jr. “We expect him to take that immediate rematch, being that I’m going to win the fight,” Crawford says confidently.

Proving the Doubters Wrong

Even at this stage of his career, Crawford finds himself having to prove people wrong. “A lot of people in my recent fights always question whether I can do certain things, and I prove them wrong.”

As he gears up for the fight on July 29th, his mantra remains the same: Stay focused. When asked about his strategy in the face of Spence’s size advantage, Crawford replies, “All my life, I’ve been the smaller guy, but I was always the strongest guy.”

He leaves us with a final note of unwavering confidence: “They can call me whatever they want, as long as they know I’m winning.”

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