Errol Spence Jr. Opens Up On Bud Crawford Fight

06/14/2023 - No comments

Errol Spence Jr. met up with the boxing media for a deeply introspective and candid interview. His eyes, both thoughtful and focused, underscored the intensity and rigor that permeates his career.

A recurring theme of Spence’s conversation was his embracing of the underdog mentality. “I should be you know, not the favorite, but I’m okay with that,” he said. Given the obstacles he’s faced—eye injuries, car crashes—his strength lies in his resilience. He bases his confidence on how he trains, his focus, and a clear understanding of his objective. This self-assurance shines through his understanding of the game, where he is more than prepared to disprove critics.

Mutual Respect in the Ring

Discussing his opponent, Spence described a mutual respect that stems from an appreciation for the craft and the dedication it requires. However, he also emphasized that this respect fuels his fighting spirit and drive. “It got me more pumped up,” he confessed, underscoring the important role of competition in boxing.

When it came to negotiations, Spence was both pragmatic and eager. “I love it. I feel like this we both wanted. It took some time, but we got it done.” He stressed the importance of the best fighting the best, dismissing any criticism about the delay in arrangements. According to Spence, the timing is ideal as this is when the top guys are meant to be fighting each other.

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Dissecting Past Fights

During the interview, Spence also critically analyzed previous matches, notably discussing his competitors’ performance against Shawn Porter and Kell Brook. This evaluation revealed a keen strategic mindset, with Spence meticulously studying his opponents and their fighting styles. His conclusion was clear: the fight game is not about mere strength, but rather about strategy and endurance.

Spence’s journey has been far from smooth, yet he described his comeback and fight against adversity with humility and gratitude. “I’m blessed. My determination, my ability to keep going… I didn’t take any tune-ups,” he shared. His determination extends to his choice of competitors, demonstrating his willingness to take on the best fighters in the world despite personal challenges.

When asked about advice for upcoming boxers, Spence was resolute: “Stay focused, stay dedicated, stay hungry.” He warned against the allure of materialism and stressed the importance of taking care of oneself financially. He emphasized the impermanence of fame, advising young fighters to prioritize their long-term well-being over fleeting validation.

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On Adrian Broner and Gervonta Davis

Spence also shared his thoughts on Adrian Broner’s comeback after a two-year hiatus and Gervonta Davis’s legal troubles. He conveyed his wish for both of them to succeed and overcome their respective challenges, demonstrating empathy and camaraderie.

In closing, Spence returned to his core principle: prioritizing his family’s well-being. “The main thing for me is to take care of my family and make sure that my kids are good. That’s why I’m losing these brain cells for,” he declared.

“It means a lot to put money in our pockets… Don’t let boxing use you; you use boxing.” Spence, it seems, sees boxing as not only a sport but a means of providing for his family and ensuring a prosperous future.

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