EOTTM And D&D Boxing Sign Undefeated Boxer Trevor Mccumby

The new association between Eye of the Tiger Management and D&D Boxing is making major moves in the boxing world. In addition to offering a deluge of boxing with galas in Quebec, Mexico, the United States and Russia, Camille Estephan and Cameron Dunkin have signed an excellent undefeated boxer in Trevor McCumby (25-0-0, 19 KOs). McCumby is a heavyweight who has a lot of talent and will get a second chance to try and conquer his division. In 2018, he chose to take time out of the ring in order to refocus and take stock of his career and ambitions. Now, it is under the umbrella of Eye of the Tiger Management and D&D Boxing that McCumby and his trainer, Kenny Adam, will return to action very soon.

“We are very proud to add Trevor McCumby to our arsenal. McCumby is an exciting and powerful fighter that will appeal to all boxing fans. He has taken some time out of the ring though and we will make sure he sees as much action as possible to get back to full strength quickly,” said Eye of the Tiger Management President Camille Estephan.

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Trevor Mccumby is tailor-made to be a boxer. Originally from Yorkville, Illinois, he was quickly introduced to boxing when he was only 7 years old. Being talented and very ambitious, Trevor traveled to Chicago every day to train and hone his skills at the boxing gym. A few years later, McCumby made the decision to move to Phoenix, Arizona to continue his career and make his mark in Olympic boxing. McCumby went on to enjoy tremendous success in the amateur ranks, racking up a record of 138 wins and only 11 losses. A 6-time national champion, McCumby has also won numerous international competitions including the Youth Olympic Games in Azerbaijan. Trevor is one of the few pugilists to have been granted a professional boxing license by the Nevada Athletic Commission when he was only 17 years old. In 2010, he was already recognized as one of America’s top prospects and made his first fight in the pros where he will continue the journey he started shortly. Indeed, the big heavyweight manages to easily dominate all those with whom he crosses swords thanks to his excellent technique and his undeniable will to win. Being very powerful and explosive, 11 of the Arizonan’s 19 knockout victories have come in the first round.

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“I got to know Trevor when he was a teenager. I saw right away that he had a lot of potential, so I put him under contract. He did very well, but didn’t get his opportunity. He took some time for himself outside of the ring and is now very excited to make his comeback. I believe he can be a “star”. We’re going to keep him active on his way to the world title,” said Cameron Dunkin.

To date undefeated in 25 outings, Mccumby has competed on numerous televised boxing cards featuring Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez, Vasyl Lomachenko and Andy Ruiz, among others. Trevor is a very ambitious boxer who is willing to take on anyone in order to become the undisputed champion of his division. This new tiger has an exciting style of boxing and is not afraid of anyone. Because of his experience, he is very calm in the ring, but he has an animal instinct to finish the job when the opportunity presents itself. Trevor McCumby’s ultimate goal is to showcase all of his skills to boxing fans around the world and give them plenty of excitement by fighting the biggest names available on his way to becoming a world light heavyweight champion.

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More details on Trevor McCumby’s next fight will be announced shortly. For more information, please visit www.eottm.com.

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