Emanuel Navarrete vs Oscar Valdez: “I’m Looking For The KO!”

08/12/2023 - No comments

Danny Flexen of Seconds Out had the privilege of interviewing the incredibly talented Emmanuel Navarrete. Known for his unique style and fierce determination in the boxing ring, Navarrete has been on an impressive winning streak.

Like many professional boxers, Navarrete’s journey into the world of boxing started at an early age. He shared,

“I started as an amateur at maybe seven or eight years old… As the years went by, I started growing and I noticed that it was easy for me… I turned Pro at 17.”

During the interview, Navarrete looked back at the tournament that marked his only defeat so far in his professional career. It turns out, there’s more to that story than just the final score. He fought an opponent who couldn’t make the weight limit, giving him an unfair advantage.

When asked about his proudest achievement, Navarrete didn’t hesitate to mention his first world title.

“My proudest moment will be the first world title… That’s where I saw my potential, all that I could do in the sport.”

Navarrete’s last fight against substitute opponent Liam Wilson stirred up some controversy, with Wilson’s team suggesting a Long Count. However, Navarrete wasn’t concerned about these allegations.

“I put that chapter behind me… For me, in the moment, the referee acted according to his knowledge… Nothing more outside of that.”

The Upcoming Fight

Navarrete’s upcoming fight with Oscar Valdez promises to be a thrilling war. Both fighters are known for their aggressive styles, but Navarrete seems open to adjusting his strategy.

“In this fight, there could be many surprises… In each fight, I always look for The Knockout, and this is not the exception.”

He’s also keen to unify titles across divisions, although he hasn’t been given this opportunity yet. Regardless, he’s focused on his upcoming fight with Valdez and is willing to fight whoever can help him unify.

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When asked about his future in boxing, Navarrete indicated he’s not sure how much further he can continue to hit hard. He made an interesting note that he started his career at Flyweight (112 pounds), and has since moved up five or six divisions.

An Idol in the Sport

Navarrete also shared his admiration for Manny Pacquiao, who similarly moved up through the divisions over his career.

“Pacquiao, for me… he’s one of my biggest Idols… he’s above many others, and the way in which he moved from one division to another has been impressive.”

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