Edgar Berlanga on Matchroom Debut, Potential Showdown with Canelo, and More

06/18/2023 - No comments

After a year-long hiatus, Edgar Berlanga is eager to return and regain his position in the boxing world.

In a conversation with Boxing News’ Andi Purewal, Berlanga shared:

“There’s simply no comparison.

Being in my hometown, New York, during the Puerto Rican Day festivities is a dream come true,” Berlanga claims.

“I am impatiently waiting to join my fans and family in celebration.

Besides, the 24th is nearing, and I’m all set to make a move.”

Berlanga & Matchroom

“It’s a thrilling sensation, realizing that I’m on the verge of reentering the ring.

The fact that it’s a full house just escalates the excitement.”

Being out of action for a year, Berlanga is profoundly aware of the build-up to his return.

“I understand my fans have been anxiously waiting for my comeback, and I’m here to assure them that their wait has finally ended.

I’ve returned to New York.

I’m back to where I rightfully belong.”

Choice to Compete Against Jason Quigley

When it came to choosing his comeback fight, Berlanga credits his team. “I feel like Jason Quigley is the right opponent. He’s a tough guy, with his Irish blood, and that makes it a perfect fight for my comeback.”

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Berlanga adds, “It’s Ireland vs Puerto Rico. It’s like Amanda Serrano vs Katie Taylor, which did amazing numbers. Everything just made sense.”

When asked about Quigley’s stoppage by Demetrius Andrade, Berlanga takes a balanced view. “The stoppage wasn’t devastating. Quigley got hit, got right up, and then the ref stopped the fight.”

Berlanga continues, “We’ve studied not just that fight but many others. I know he’s going to bring his best game, and I need to be ready for that.”

Striving for Early Knockouts

Berlanga is well known for his record of early knockouts. Yet, in recent times, he’s been putting in more rounds. His take on this? “If the opportunity presents itself, I’m looking at a short night. But I’m not overlooking Quigley. He’s a tough opponent.”

Acknowledging that he’s had a year outside the ring, Berlanga knows he needs to reintroduce himself to the fans. “Of course, I need to make a statement. Not just for Canelo, but for myself too. I feel like my last two performances weren’t my best. I’m injury-free now and I feel stronger than ever.”

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On Potentially Facing Canelo

Asked about potentially facing Canelo sooner than anticipated, Berlanga is optimistic. “If I get past the 24th and do what I’m supposed to do, I feel like that fight could happen this year.”

“Canelo is the big fish, and I want to be in the ring with him,” he said. “He’s a true warrior and one of the best pound-for-pound fighters out there. But I believe in my abilities”

In closing, Berlanga has a heartfelt message for his fans and his upcoming opponent, Jason Quigley. “To my fans around the world, if you can’t make it to the fight on the 24th, tune into DAZN. To Jason Quigley, I hope you’re ready. I’m coming my best and I know we’re going to give the fans what they want to see – fireworks.”

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