Edgar Berlanga on Canelo’s Signing with PBC

06/23/2023 - No comments

“Right now, I’m just focused on tomorrow night,” Berlanga tells Fight Hype, discussing his immediate concentration on his upcoming fight. When asked about Canelo Alvarez’s recent signing with Premier Boxing Champions (PBC), he responds with an understanding attitude.

“Canelo’s just chasing his bag, you know? He’s at that level where he can do whatever he wants,” says Berlanga. He displays no disappointment at Canelo’s move, acknowledging the flexibility that success provides. “He’s a man, bro. If we gotta cross over and make something happen, we’re going to definitely do it.”

Berlanga seems acutely aware of the challenges lying ahead, acknowledging the target on his back and the competition he faces. “I got everybody here. Tomorrow night, I’m just locked in, man. I’m not even thinking about what comes after tomorrow.” He’s driven by the desire to fight big matches without compromising his health.

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His ambition doesn’t stop there; Berlanga eyes international grounds for his future fights. He divulges plans to explore opportunities in Puerto Rico, saying, “Eddie is putting fights in Puerto Rico, too. There are no fights over here, and I know the audience would love it.”

Berlanga attributes his resilience and focus to his faith and personal principles. “When you’re born for this, man, and the stars align the right way, and you keep God first, you stay grounded.”

Gratitude and humility radiate from Berlanga as he reflects on his journey. “I’m just happy to be here, bro. I come from New York, from circumstances that are hard, man. And I’ve made it. I’m blessed.”

The interview takes an intriguing turn when Berlanga contemplates the possibility of being one of the last fighters to compete in a soon-to-be-closed venue. “I’m always doing something historical, for real. We’re about to break the number one gate right now.”

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Berlanga, though, is not one to rest on his laurels. “Then, I’m going to go to the big house, and we’re going to break that, too. We’re going to make history.”

The possibility of a future fight at Yankee Stadium? Berlanga remains open to the idea but keeps his focus on the immediate challenge. “Tomorrow night is the big night, so I got to focus on that.”

Berlanga finally touches upon his jewelry, a potent symbol of his success. “There are lessons in this, bro,” he explains, seeing his achievements as more than material wealth.

When asked whether Canelo’s signing with BBC takes some pressure off his shoulders, Berlanga keeps his stance clear and focused. “My goal right now is to just do my thing tomorrow night.”

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