Eddie Hearn talks Spence, Crawford, Jake Paul, KSI, More

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Seconds out TV had the chance to interview promoter Eddie Hearn. Here are Hearn’s thoughts on the latest happenings in the sport:

Hearn shared his insight on the recent fight between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence.

“I thought he’d win the fight by stoppage but I didn’t expect him to win basically every round and dominate him like he did,” Hearn remarked.

The promoter questioned whether factors such as Spence’s recent car crash could have played a role in his performance, while also emphasizing the undeniable skill of Crawford.

“Was it just a brilliance of Terence Crawford?”

Hearn then expressed his anticipation for Crawford’s next career move. He believes that moving up to 154 could provide Crawford with new challenges and invigorate his career.

Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz

In the conversation, Hearn also touched upon one of the most speculated fights in recent times – Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz. His prediction was clear:

“Jake Paul comes through this one,” Hearn confidently declared, making it clear that he sees Jake Paul having the upper hand in this match.

KSI vs. Tommy Fury:

Notably, Hearn also commented on the intriguing matchup between KSI and Tommy Fury. He expressed his respect for KSI, both for his outside-the-ring intelligence and his in-ring progression.

“I think KSI has done unbelievably well,” Hearn asserted, acknowledging that KSI’s decision to step up his competition is commendable.

The promoter didn’t spare his praise for Tommy Fury either. Although he doesn’t see Fury becoming a professional boxing legend, Hearn appreciates his smart business moves.

“He’s making millions. Congratulations, smart geezer,” Hearn chuckled.

However, Hearn also expressed his concern for the potential repercussions if KSI defeats Fury.

“Slightly embarrassing, I guess, from his pedigree,” Hearn pondered, underlining the significant stake of this fight for Fury.

Boxing and Entertainment

Throughout the interview, Hearn expressed his views on the convergence of entertainment and traditional boxing. He supports the idea, given that it doesn’t overshadow the essence of the sport.

“That’s Entertainment. We’re real boxing,” Hearn stated, establishing a clear distinction between the two.

However, he also recognized that figures like KSI and Jake Paul are bringing the two worlds closer.

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