Eddie Hearn talks Smith vs. Maxwell, AJ vs Whyte & Wilder

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Promoter Eddie Hearn recently sat down with SecondsOut in Sheffield, opening up about the future of several promising boxers and the politics of the boxing industry.  Hearn speaks to Josh Green ahead of Dalton Smith vs Sam Maxwell at Sheffield Arena for the British title:

I want to see scintillating performances from all these guys because we give the hype, we give the platform, you’re supposed to be the next big thing, go and prove it.” – Eddie Hearn

High on Hearn’s list of potential stars is Dalton Smith. According to Hearn, Smith has a great opportunity to shine and prove himself on the boxing stage, potentially filling the shoes left by Kell Brook and Kid Galahad as Sheffield’s next big boxing star. The bout against Sam Maxwell, a robust fighter and current Commonwealth Champion, is anticipated to be the turning point in Smith’s career. It’s a tough test, but it’s exactly what Smith needs to prove himself.

Sheffield’s support is seen as a crucial component in Smith’s journey. Hearn hints that Smith’s ascent is not merely about winning fights, but also about winning hearts. He needs to create excitement, to energize the city, and to kindle anticipation for his matches. The dream is to fill a stadium in Sheffield, but are we there yet? Not quite, but Saturday’s fight is an important stepping stone.

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Pat McCormack: The Rising Star

I think this kid’s unbelievable, Pat McCormack. I think he has the ability to win World titles.” – Eddie Hearn

Moving on from Smith, Hearn also shared his thoughts on Pat McCormack. He believes McCormack is due for a step-up and is optimistic that we’ll see the best of McCormack as he starts progressing towards major titles. His match against Tony Dixon is seen as the launchpad for a swift climb through the ranks.

The State of American Boxing

On the topic of American boxing, Hearn mentioned the potential of a match between the young, aggressive super middleweights Jaime Munguia and Edgar Berlanga, insisting that such a fight would be an excellent boost for American boxing. However, he hinted at some resistance from Oscar De La Hoya to this prospect.

Hearn candidly discussed the backlash he receives from other promoters and industry insiders. He views this as a sign of his success and influence in the boxing world. He went as far as to compare his experiences with those he had in the UK when challenging bigger promoters.

Hearn openly addressed the dynamic with fellow promoter, De La Hoya, stating:

“Oscar’s been a bit cold on it [the potential fight between Munguia and Berlanga] but balanga wants that fight, that’s the one he’s been calling for.”

“I mean when you see that coming from another promoter what goes through your mind you know and especially when they’re tagging in other promoters to try and kind of get on the bandwagon.”

Hearn seems unperturbed by this friction, framing it as part and parcel of the business:

“It’s part and parcel but flattering at the same time.”

He adds, shedding more light on the antagonistic relationship:

“Have you seen Oscar? I’m going ‘now what’s he done now?’ oh what’s he doing?.”

It seems clear from Hearn’s comments that there’s a rivalry, and perhaps a lack of consensus, between the two. Despite this, he remains focused on his work, seemingly undeterred by De La Hoya’s reactions or statements.

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Joshua’s Rematch Controversy& Wilder

Addressing the controversy surrounding Anthony Joshua’s rematch clause, Hearn stated that Joshua should rightfully have a rematch clause when facing Deontay Wilder. He confirmed that they had gone back to Dillian Whyte with a new contract, sans rematch clause, and are awaiting a response.

The interview ended with Hearn confirming his meetings regarding Saudi Arabia and his plans to secure a fight with Deontay Wilder. With Wilder’s team also in London, the chances of the fight coming to fruition appear promising.

Deontay Wilder’s team are also in London, so it shows their keenness to get it done and hopefully we can get it over the line.” – Eddie Hearn


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